In the thick of things

Summer is here.

We have activities scheduled nearly every night. Yes, I said night. Baseball, soccer, music classes-all in the evening. Except for this week, when my boylie has his bike camp. We did bike camp last year, it was called “Lose the Training Wheels.” It’s a special, week-long camp for kids with special needs. It is designed to teach them how to ride a two-wheeler, using specially adapted bikes. You can see them in the photos. Last year he did great, although it was tough to keep up with after he finished, and we never really got him consistently riding. This year we’re going to follow up with some extra lessons and lots of practice at home. They’ve changed the name of the camp to iCan Bike, and the organization that runs the camps, all over the country, is called iCan Shine. These people are amazing. I can’t say enough about them. Even if he doesn’t learn to ride completely by the end of camp, the experiences of success and the positive feelings he gets from camp are invaluable.


On Tuesday they got each kid on a tandem bike, to get a feel for what it’s like to ride a two wheeled bike, it helps them feel the turns, feel the breeze on their face, and also let’s the volunteers feel how the kids are doing on the bike. It’s pretty awesome.


We have two days left of camp, today they are going to “launch” him on a two wheeler. Can’t wait to see who it goes.


Soooo, what’s up?


So, it’s been awhile. I decided to take a peek at the old blog to see when my last post was. I knew it was a long time ago. Nearly a year. Last June. I’m not even sure how it got to be so long. I think I got busy, and kept putting it off and then it got longerandlonger and I finally figured it was not. gonna. happen.

So, what brings me back? Not sure. Is not like things have gotten less busy. Most definitely it is the opposite. I haven’t miraculously gotten more organized. I think I missed the brain dumping that happens when I write stuff here, in this space. ‘Cause that’s really what happens here.

So, I’ve decided to give it another go.

So, see you soon.

Scenes from summer and Project Life update

Yeah, it’s busy ’round here.








Summer school is over. Christopher finished a week long bike camp and is so much more confident on his bike. We have baseball and music camp and firework watching and movies to see. It’s good. But I’m exhausted. We also finally got Christopher back into OT (insurance sucks, long story), and we also have him in a social group. Lots of taxi driving. AND we are in the market for a new van. Yikes. But all in all, still good. And we’re not even halfway through!

So, Project Life. I have not given up. I’m still managing to work on it semi-regularly, and am really only three weeks behind. It’s just too much to keep up with on the blog. So I’ve decided to not post them weekly (obviously). If I have a particular week that I love I may throw it up here, but there’s no way I can get all of the weeks up. Just. Too. Crazybusy. I love looking at everyone else’s, though, and I will still be checking everyone out.

So, off I go, back to the van. Someone has to go somewhere this afternoon, I’m sure of it.

Project Life: Week 2

Wow! That went fast! I feel like I just posted week one and here we are at week two!






Again, the photos are pretty stinky, but they’ll do. I feel like I got into a bit of a groove this week. We did have a couple of fun, non-routine things happen which made it fun. We went to a party this week where they had a magician, and he was fantastic! I got up close to take pictures, and I couldn’t figure out how he made that little girl balance on one chair. Madelyn hosted a Girl Scout meeting on Friday, and she had an audition for a part in a show on Saturday.

I was also surprised at how quickly this one came together. I actually finished it on Sunday night. I think part of what has made this a little easier is printing at home. I don’t have photoshop to adjust things much but I can crop and resize things if I need to. This week I also added a few little stickers and labels in. Nothing fancy.

I’ve had a great time looking at others’ pages on the blogs. I’m sure there are tons out there, but so far I’ve found Monica, Nathalie, Lisa, Cathy, and Kayla. I know there are tons more out there, I love checking out everyone’s pages.

So, it’s been a good productive week around here. Seems like we’re back in the swing. I’m back to Weight Watchers meetings after the holiday, and am almost done kicking off the extra holiday pounds, thanks to some kick-booty spin and step classes. Here’s hoping next week will go as smoothly.

Mixed feelings

We’re only 5 days away from the first day of school. Everyone I bump into mentions how fast the summer has gone, but isn’t that always the case? We start out in June wondering how we will fill the days ahead, and end up wishing for just a few more. Running around for school supplies, last minute shoe shopping, because I can’t believe how much their feet have grown in three months, the dreaded school physicals that I put off until the last minute, for their sakes and mine.

The last couple of weeks I feel as though I’ve let the kids become almost slug-like. In between the “Mommywaitedtilthelastminute” errands, there has been an awful lot of computer playing and video gaming and staying in pajamas until lunchtime. I think part of the reason is, let’s face it, I’m freakin’ tired. It’s dang hard filling all of these hours with purposeful, healthy, educational activity. It’s alot of hours, times three kids, times completely different abilities and interests, divided by one.tired.mama. The other part of it is, that I kinda feel like I wanna let them (us) chill for a bit, before the craziness of early school bus pick-ups and schedules and homework begins. The school year is hard for me but it’s hard for them, too. I have a girlie starting sixth grade, who somehow believes that this is going to be the hardest school year of her life. Things are changing in her world, big time, right about now. So although she doesn’t fear the school work, there is definitely some anxiety about, well, sixth grade girl stuff. My 8 year old is facing a new classroom, new teacher and aide, a classroom full of new kids and noises and smells and routines. It’s stressful for him. I feel like we have a good team set up for him this year, but a new school year for a kid with Autism is different than for a typical kid. And my youngest is starting Kindergarten. I don’t think I even need to talk about how this makes me feel.

So, happy and sad and anxious and exhausted. But grateful. We made it through the summer, still all liking each other (enough) and without catastrophe. And the next few days will be spent happily playing whatever we want to play, inside or outside, in pajamas or whatever we can find clean. So what?


Today, my oldest turns 11.

This was taken yesterday, after I took her for a big girl haircut. She looks so grown up it scares me to death.

It blows my mind that I’ve been a mom for eleven years. That I’ve survived, that they’ve survived. She’s an amazing little person. Smart, funny, confident, competetive, curious, fun, sometimes too sassy for her own good. She’s still not at the boycrazy stage (thank God), although I know she does notice them more. She doesn’t like the girldrama that’s going on in middle school. Luckily, she’s still talking to me about all of this stuff. Sometimes I look at her and see a flash of grown up, like when she says, “Hey, mom?” and tosses her hair back like a girlie girl.  Other times I see that same little face that she had when she was just a baby.

We celebrated this past weekend, with a not-sleepover girlie party on Friday night. Nine soon-to-be sixth graders invaded my home. The high-pitched squeals were deafening for the first hour, then settling into whispers and giggles. Saturday we had some family over for more celebrating. She got a whopper of a present this year, finally ditching mom’s old ipod for one of her own. She told me, “I feel special.”

You are special, sweetie. I hope you always feel that way.

Happy Birthday, Monkey.

How I spent my summer vacation. Week one

It’s been just over a week since the kids started their summer break. I’m still alive, but I’m already exhausted. Here’s what we’ve done so far…

Been to the movies-3 times
Kung Fu Panda
Judy Moody
Pirates of the Carribbean

Guess which was my favorite?

Playdates-3 plus one birthday party

Rainy days-too many

Number of times “I’m bored ” was muttered-see above

2 haircuts

1 swimming lesson

2 cross country camp sessions

Number of times I’ve successfully worked out-4 (that counts the cross country camp)

Number of times I’ve checked the calendar…to see when school starts..nevermind.

One trip to the zoo, today.




It was a lovely day. Probably the best so far. Gives me hope for the rest of the summer.