In the thick of things

Summer is here.

We have activities scheduled nearly every night. Yes, I said night. Baseball, soccer, music classes-all in the evening. Except for this week, when my boylie has his bike camp. We did bike camp last year, it was called “Lose the Training Wheels.” It’s a special, week-long camp for kids with special needs. It is designed to teach them how to ride a two-wheeler, using specially adapted bikes. You can see them in the photos. Last year he did great, although it was tough to keep up with after he finished, and we never really got him consistently riding. This year we’re going to follow up with some extra lessons and lots of practice at home. They’ve changed the name of the camp to iCan Bike, and the organization that runs the camps, all over the country, is called iCan Shine. These people are amazing. I can’t say enough about them. Even if he doesn’t learn to ride completely by the end of camp, the experiences of success and the positive feelings he gets from camp are invaluable.


On Tuesday they got each kid on a tandem bike, to get a feel for what it’s like to ride a two wheeled bike, it helps them feel the turns, feel the breeze on their face, and also let’s the volunteers feel how the kids are doing on the bike. It’s pretty awesome.


We have two days left of camp, today they are going to “launch” him on a two wheeler. Can’t wait to see who it goes.


Soooo, what’s up?


So, it’s been awhile. I decided to take a peek at the old blog to see when my last post was. I knew it was a long time ago. Nearly a year. Last June. I’m not even sure how it got to be so long. I think I got busy, and kept putting it off and then it got longerandlonger and I finally figured it was not. gonna. happen.

So, what brings me back? Not sure. Is not like things have gotten less busy. Most definitely it is the opposite. I haven’t miraculously gotten more organized. I think I missed the brain dumping that happens when I write stuff here, in this space. ‘Cause that’s really what happens here.

So, I’ve decided to give it another go.

So, see you soon.

Friday favorites

This week has flown by. Two sick kids, each picked a different day to become from school, lots of school volunteerish stuff, i don’t know, just made the week zoom past me. It’s been a decent week,though. Even though I had a couple of sickies home, thankfully they didn’t stay too sick, and all is well.

Favorite things I read this week: aside from the craziness that has been my life this week, I had a chance to actually read some of my favorite blogs. I enjoy reading all types, parenty-type blogs, healthy living blogs, scrapbooking blogs. Funnily, this week I have a favorite from each.

Ryan’s blog is technically not a specific type, but I found him while he was blogging about his journey of losing weight and getting healthy. He now blogs about, well, whatever is on his mind. And his voice is fantastic. this week he wrote, Dear Pixar, Thank You, where he talks about his son’s connection to these awesome movies, and how it broke through the walls that Autism can put up between us and our children. It really struck a chord with me, it’s so similar to the experience I had with my son, Christopher and our love of all things Disney. And judging from the comments he received, it also hit home with many autism parents. Go read it.

Roni is a blogger who I found while searching for information when I first started Weight Watchers, almost four years ago. This week she posted about her weight loss “a-ha” moment. . As I’ve shared here, over the past almost for years I’ve lost almost 80 pounds. I still have about 20 to go to get to my “goal.” Roni talks about how trying to lose those last pounds is so much different now than it was when we first started losing weight, and how we need to appreciate and embrace those changes. Another smack in the head for me.

Becky Higgins, the genius behind Project Life, introduced us to her friend Claire, who suffered a life-changing injury. Claire already struggles with a developmental disability, and this accident has added greatly to their family’s stress. She is, thankfully, home from the hospital, but there are loads of things that need to be dealt with now. Becky has placed some ads on her blog, in order to help out the family. Click that link and go check it out.

Lastly, Sue wrote the most beautiful birthday letter to her oldest child. This one got me good. I just mention it here because I think everyone should read her writing. It gets me in the gut. Every.single.time.

I hope you’ll find something that is as inspirational to you as these bloggers have been to me. Now, on to enjoy the weekend!