Ten on Tuesday

1. I may or may not have become a hockey fan. Specifically, Blackhawks hockey. It’s this kid’s fault.

He got all caught up in the Stanley Cup finals. He begged me to watch every game, insisted on his own t-shirt which I had to wash so he could wear during every game. He wanted so badly for them to win. And last night, hits wish came true.


2. The humidity in the air has me feeling like my hair looks something like this:


3. There has been so much rain this summer that I lost count of how many makeup baseball/soccer games we have to do. We may be playing until Halloween.

4. Four days left of Christopher’s summer school. Then the fun begins. Poor kid is so ready to be done.

5. Our list of super awesome things to do this summer is largely untouched. We’ve done nothing except go to the zoo. Which we did before we made the list.

6. We are growing butterflies. They are in their chrysalides cocoons right now. I hope they make it.

7. I’m running my first official 5k in less than two weeks. Is one of those where they throw colored stuff at you. Which means there will probably be a lot of stopping to wipe my face and not as much running. Perfect!

8. So far, this summer, I’ve yet to finish a cup of coffee while its still hot. It’s on MY list of super awesome things to do.

9. There is still a pile of rotting, leftover school supplies sitting in a corner of my house. I’m thinking I’m gonna reuse some. But probably not. I’m just scared too lazy to go through them.

10. Go Blackhawks! When does hockey season start up again?


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