In full swing

It’s official! Summer’s here! I know not technically, but school’s out and now begins the “how do I keep the kids off the couch” adventure. It’s tempting, yes, to let them sit and play minecraft all day, I’d get more done, but that wouldn’t exactly fit in with my goal of teaching my kids healthy habits, would it? Nope.

We have signed up for various activities, Madelyn has two camps coming up, a “Glee,” inspired singing camp, and a two week musical-theater camp in July. Sam has baseball, a brand-new thing for him. We’ve started already, and though I’m not sure he’s quite there as far as learning the love of the game, it sure is an opportunity for super-cute little boy photos.


Christopher has three weeks of summer school, which is nice for keeping him busy. If he had his way he would prefer to sit and play computer or in his room with a book or iPod. Although he’s pretty social for a kid on the spectrum, he’s still more likely to watch others than join in. I’d love it if I could hook him up with another kid who understood him, just for a little one on one playtime. We do have him signed up for a week of bike lessons, geared specifically towards kids with special needs. Fingers crossed he likes it!

So I’m making a list, things we’d like to do this summer, and we’ll try to get them checked off. I’m also gonna try to squeeze in my gym time. Mama’s gotta stay off the couch, too. We’ve already been to the zoo, on a day which was not feeling so summerish. But there’s always the cute pictures.



One thought on “In full swing

  1. I just reasd you blog for the first time & loved it. I have one too
    You can come to our house to play, Strven said he’d like to have ChrIstopher over, does he play video games? We can plan it on a super hot day so we don’t feel guilty about them being inside.

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