Project Life-Week 11

Well, I missed last week. So I’m a week behind in sharing. But I figure I will either catch up with two weeks or I’ll spend the year being one week behind. Either way, life happens, and being a little behind the pack isn’t going to make me give up or love this project any less. So, here goes…







It felt a little strange using the back of the Design F on the right side, but I did have alot of vertical photos on my phone to choose from. And while I’m not totally in love with this week’s layout, I know every week is not going to be perfect, and it’s more important for me that I keep documenting. I know that when I look back at it later, I won’t be whining about this week not being as pretty as the others.

I’m linking up over at The Mom Creative and at One Happy Mama. Come over and see all of the fun, inspirational pages. If you have pages to share, please link up in the comments so I can come see.

My kids are on Spring break this week, so who knows what’s gonna get done! Have a great week!


6 thoughts on “Project Life-Week 11

  1. I am a couple weeks behind sharing online and it’s actually kind of takes the pressure off. You may like being behind like I am. There’s no rush to get them done in time to post. If like me, you get your photos printed and don’t do them at home it’s nice to not have to rush to pick up photos. I’m also liking seeing the older kit materials you’re using. I’m still using that kit too, I’m a repeat drop out and have never gotten the newer things. I see you mix yours up a bit. With spring break, I imagine you’ll have lots of photos of all the fun you had! Really like the mini calendar on your title card.

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