Thursday thoughts

I’m sick. Not super sick, just a cold. Just enough to derail my workout and make everything else feel like a chore. I’m fighting it with fluids. Lots of soup and tea. I feel like a water balloon.


This February is busy. Lots of appointments and school stuff sucking away my precious gym time. Sorting Girl Scout cookies and trying not to eat too many. I’m cranky.

I’ve taken on the task of organizing the middle school talent show. That means handling auditions, rehearsals, programs, sound, swag bags, tshirts, and whatever else. I’m sure I’m in over my head, I’ve recruited help. Thank God there are awesome moms at our school. I’m thinking positive, I can do it. It’s gonna be fun, right? I’ll just pretend I’m JLo on American Idol.

On the upside, there’s lots of new, fun tv coming up. I’m a reality junkie (shhh). Survivor, The Amazing Race, Celebrity Apprentice, all starting this week. My DVR may explode.

So that’s today. It’s crazy, but it’s all good. This weekend may see a date with my husband. Fingers crossed.


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