Project Life-Week 6

Happy Valentine’s Day! Week 6!! I can hardly believe it. Still going strong. It’s funny, every week I think I’m not going to have enough to put in my pages, and every week I end up trying to figure out how I can jam it all in. I’m capturing so much of our everyday stuff. I love it!

Here is week 6:






I took these photos with my iPhone instead of my dslr, just because I blog from my iPad, and I can quickly add photos to my blog posts without having to upload on the computer and all that.
I used my cute little camera stamp, finally, which was fun. I purposely left the date blank on the “week of” card because I’m waiting for this stamp that I ordered from Two Peas. I’m very impatient.

The Mom Creative

I’m linking up with Jessica from The Mom Creative, who has tons of great links to awesome PLifers, as well as her own beautiful stuff. Go check it out!

If you have your own pages you would like to share, please link in the comments. I would love to see! Now on to week 7! Valentine’s Day!


4 thoughts on “Project Life-Week 6

  1. I find myself doing the same thing each week – as the weekend rolls around, I start to panic that I hardly took any pictures during the week. Then when I open the folder to edit them I realize I took A LOT. This week I had over 45 to whittle down!!! Yikes!

  2. This looks so good! Your pages are so vibrant and colorful. That stamp looks so fun. I ordered a simliar one by smash I think. Love your camera stamp. I need to remember my stamps when I’m making my pages!

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