Project Life-Week 5

Still. In. Love.

I’m having a blast with this project. Something that occurred to me while working on this week is how quickly the time is passing. It’s really flying by, and there are so many little things that we don’t notice, or forget because we’re always so wrapped up in our busy-ness. This project is helping me to stop and take notice, and I’m so excited that at the end of the year I’m going to have this awesome book filled with all of these little moments.

Anyway, here’s week 5:






Nothing too out of the ordinary this week. A couple of kids home sick (all better now), school stuff, haircuts, a couple of restaurant visits, and some beautiful weather for this time of year, especially in Chicago. I had to include a picture of the sunshine. Along the bottom right side in used both 4×6 slots to place three Instagram photos and a journal card from our restaurant trip. I didn’t get a shot of all of us, and the three pictures wouldn’t fit on one slot, so I added the letter stickers across the bottom to tie them together. I used stuff from my PL kits, and added some stickers and journal cards that I got while sneaking off to Archiver’s last week. Oh, and I added that card with the heart on it and a February sticker, because we changed months mid-week. I’m not great at keeping track of products, but if you want to know where something is from I can try to figure it out.

The Mom Creative

I’m linking up with Jessica at The Mom Creative. She has a ton of links to other PLifers, as well as her own fabulous pages for the week. Go check them out!

If you are visiting and have your own pages to share, I’d love to see them. Please link up in the comments!

I can’t believe we’re starting week 6! Still going strong!


6 thoughts on “Project Life-Week 5

  1. Love it!! Looks great and I am still in love too! Isn’t it so much fun:) You will love looking at what you were doing this time each year! I love to look back on this day 1 and 2 years ago! So much fun!!

  2. I really like your solution for your trip to the restaurant, it looks great how it stretches across the entire bottom of your right page. Also really like the little heart decoration you made.

  3. Your pages look great! Love your February heart card. I also am enjoying capturing the little things & can’t believe how fast time is flying. Thanks for sharing!

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