Project Life-Week 4

I cant believe January is over! I feel like I just recovered from Christmas. And the weather here is crazy, almost 60 degrees in Chicagoland today. Which means come May we’re sure to have a blizzard. Just look at that sunshine!

The huge snow from just last weekend is just about gone. It’s nuts.
Anyway, here’s my week 4
The Mom Creative






I confess, I did sneak off to the scrapbook store this week, didn’t spend a ton, but got some more cute labels and stickies for my pages. I’m determined not to buy much, but sometimes a little something every now and then keeps things fun.

Click on that button up there to visit The Mom Creative. She posts her awesome updates every Tuesday and I have found them super fun and inspiring. I am still loving this project, I’m so happy I’ve started. I can’t say I’ll always have my pages done on Tuesdays, but it has been so much fun I’m looking forward to getting them done every week.


5 thoughts on “Project Life-Week 4

    • I think it’s the kit from 2010, I bought it and never used it. I also have the kit from the first year, also never used. So I’m kinda mixing things up. Thanks for looking!

  1. Your pages look great Debbie! I am also mixing & matching current & past kits as I’ve had a major “hoarding” issue in the past. Feels so good to use it now.

    Thanks for sharing!

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