Project Life-Week 3

Well, I made it to week 3! I’m really starting to love this project. I love the simplicity of it. Pick some photos from the week, and tell some stories. I’ve said it before, but I think what is making this go a little more smoothly is the printing at home, and my iPhone. Having the ability to sneak a couple of pictures without dragging out my big camera is awesome. And there are so many fun photo apps to play with! Of course I’m a huge Instagram fan, I pat all of my faves on my tumblr photo blog. I also purchased picfx, which has some really cool filters. I had this picture os Sam running to catch the bus, and I added this bokeh effect to it

I thought it added a cool feeling to the photo. So much fun.

Anyway, on to my pages for this week. I’m not finding a way to grab a good shot of them, so here goes.

It was hard to get both pages in one shot, so part of the corner is cut off a little.




I included a piece of the email I received for my daughter’s callback, and a couple of stories about little things that happened this week. It’s pretty simple. What I have yet to include are some great photos for playing in the snow. I’m going to put in another insert to include them, as soon as my order arrives. (hurry, ups man)

I’ve been having great fun looking at everyone’s pages. I also found this lovely woman, who had the brilliant idea of doing a Disney inspired version of Project Life. I nearly smacked myself in the head when I heard that idea. Brilliant, and right up my alley. I can’t wait to see it.

I trying really hard to keep myself out of the scrapbook store to buy more stuff. But I may bust out a coupon or two and splurge on something fun this weekend. I can’t wait to get started on next week!


2 thoughts on “Project Life-Week 3

  1. Hey Deb,
    Thanks for the shout out!!! I’m so anxious to ReALLy get started on this — still waiting on supplies, as you know. I think I’m going to be a “purist” and wait for the Becky inventory to come in. I hope that people will follow along, even though it’s S-L-O-W going for me right now. Did I mention that I can’t wait to get started? Thanks for the encouragement! ~Sally

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