Project Life: Week 2

Wow! That went fast! I feel like I just posted week one and here we are at week two!






Again, the photos are pretty stinky, but they’ll do. I feel like I got into a bit of a groove this week. We did have a couple of fun, non-routine things happen which made it fun. We went to a party this week where they had a magician, and he was fantastic! I got up close to take pictures, and I couldn’t figure out how he made that little girl balance on one chair. Madelyn hosted a Girl Scout meeting on Friday, and she had an audition for a part in a show on Saturday.

I was also surprised at how quickly this one came together. I actually finished it on Sunday night. I think part of what has made this a little easier is printing at home. I don’t have photoshop to adjust things much but I can crop and resize things if I need to. This week I also added a few little stickers and labels in. Nothing fancy.

I’ve had a great time looking at others’ pages on the blogs. I’m sure there are tons out there, but so far I’ve found Monica, Nathalie, Lisa, Cathy, and Kayla. I know there are tons more out there, I love checking out everyone’s pages.

So, it’s been a good productive week around here. Seems like we’re back in the swing. I’m back to Weight Watchers meetings after the holiday, and am almost done kicking off the extra holiday pounds, thanks to some kick-booty spin and step classes. Here’s hoping next week will go as smoothly.


3 thoughts on “Project Life: Week 2

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stay tuned for more about the Disney album using Project Life! I’m still waiting on some supplies. Keeping my fingers crossed that February is a good month for them to be re-stocking. I’ll be the first in line! =) Your pages are lookin’ good!

  2. It is SO hard to get the shots to share but I love that we’re all trying 😉 It’s fun to share this project and have these connections. It’s fun to “meet” you and your family. So are you using the first year’s products? Or is it a mix of favorites?

    • Thanks! I feel the same way, i think part of the fun of this project is visiting everyone else every week. I am actually using a combination of the first two years products, as well as some of my own stash of stuff. It’s been alot of fun!

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