Project Life-Week One

I did it. I finished week one in my Project Life album. I took photos of my pages to share, but be warned, they aren’t great. It’s hard to photograph and get a shot without glare, and I don’t have photoshop to fix ’em up.







This week was a little tricky. I found myself taking a lot of photos, and then having a hard time deciding what to include. I also neglected to consider orientation, and wound up printing, and then going back and resizing and cropping and reprinting. But it’s done. And I’m excited. I think that each week I’ll learn a little something that I can use the next.

So, yay, me! On to week two!


One thought on “Project Life-Week One

  1. For sure yay you! I don’t know how but this is the first time I’ve come by your blog – I think I saw an email address before instead of your blog site? Anyhow – trying to get caught up a bit šŸ˜‰ Love your banner. Such real life. And yet, serene somehow.

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