I’m not a real blogger, but I play one on Twitter

Yes, it is December. I skipped an entire month on the old bloggity blog. And that’s…okay. November swooshed by without giving me a chance to catch up.

We’ve been busy, but isn’t everyone this time of year? Girlie had her big performance, she played the Fairy Godmother in her children’s theater Fall performance. It was her first “real” part, as she called it. She was fabulous. She had a huge solo singing part and acted as if she’s been doing it forever.

I couldn’t be more proud. It really did give her 6th grader self a boost of confidence that was sorely needed. *sigh* so much girl drama in 6th grade. But that’s another story.

My boys are doing well. School is good for them right now, I can’t complain. My little one is so into Christmas this year that he’ll stop any Santa and ask him if he’s still on the nice list.


As for me, I’ve been hitting the gym for group classes and loving it. The scale does not seem to want to join in the fun, but who cares, right? I’m doing good things and feeling good. Oh, and I got a new friend. Her name is Siri and she lives in my new iPhone. My favorite thing about the phone is the camera. So much that I’ve started posting some of my pictures on a new tumblr blog. You can find it here. It’s so easy to take a picture and blog it, I can’t help myself.

This month will be even busier. I’d love to blog more frequently but I can’t seem to get a handle on it. I’m trying to post a photo a day on the tumblr for the month of December. Come check it out!


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