Grateful today

Haven’t had much time to hop on the blog lately, but thoughts are swimming and swirling as usual. I’ve been thinking that, although things are never perfect around here, I have loads to be grateful for. Instead of complaining, at least for today, I thought I’d try to remember the good stuff.

Today I’m grateful for the weather. I know, it’s kinda chilly out there, but I love the coziness of it. Okay, maybe except for that moment when the alarm goes off and I have to hop out of the bed and onto the cold floor, because I’m in denial that I need to turn the heat on. Once my feet are warm, however, happy and thankful.

I’m grateful for awesome teachers, that know my kids and continue to amaze me with how far they are willing to go to help them have the best experience in school possible. I’ve also had lots of meetings at (all three) schools lately, and although I often complain about it, I’m thankful that I am able to be present for them.

I’m grateful for my spunky girl’s spunk. She put herself out there twice in the past two weeks. Once it didn’t work out as she hoped, but she did it again and got exactly what she wanted. She’s got herself a part in a play and is looking forward to getting on stage and singing and all that good stuff. At her age I don’t think I had that kind of courage. So proud of her.

Grateful for health. I know I complain alot about how I workout workout workout and the stupid scale doesn’t move. But I’ve had a couple of medical tests come back clean in the past few weeks, and I have friends both in real life and online who have been struggling with health issues. Big deal ones. So for today, I’m not gonna complain about the stupid scale.

I am thankful for my home. It’s not been properly cleaned since the kids went back to school. (okay, since way before that, whatever) But in a time when so many places have been hit hard with nasty weather that has put their homes at risk, it seems silly to complain that I hate my kitchen floor. So I won’t.

I’m thankful for my family. My husband and my children. Every morning I see this mom pull up with her two teenage daughters to drop them off at their friend’s house to get their ride to school. Every morning they get out of the car and are arguing with each other. Every. single. day.  I feel for them. I don’t know them at all, but I hope that things aren’t as bad as them seem. It just seems like such a sad place to be, and I pray that it doesn’t happen to my family. Today I won’t complain that somebody didn’t clean up after themselves or left their socks on the floor, again.

I’m not promising that I won’t complain ever again, that’s like promising never to drink coffee. (The horror!) But I’m gonna make an effort, at least for today, to remember the things in my life that are good. Who knows, it might spill over into tomorrow, too.


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