Impressive. Most impressive. But you are not a Jedi, yet.

So, this week the kiddos were not the only ones who started classes. Hubby and I joined back up at the gym, figuring that it would cost us a bit less now that we didn’t have to lock up put the kids in child care. He has yet to try it out, but I have been back this week, to try out some group exercise classes.

Tuesday, I did a 20 minute spurt on the elliptical, and decided to be brave and try a Body Works class. Basically, this class is meant to kill you  build muscle, working from upper body, to lower body, to abs. Hand weights, weighted bars, steps and mats and big bouncy balls. All of the instruments of torture tools a person could need to get their muscles good and built. I gotta say, I was nervous. I mean, yes, I have lost weight, I have been a regular exerciser for almost three years, but a whole hour? Of weight training? Yikes.

Well, long story short, I made it through the entire class without dying quitting. I managed nearly all of the reps and lunges and squats. I kept up. I went slightly lighter on the weights only because I didn’t know how crazy tough the instructor was. But I made it.

I did, however, have loads of trouble moving my limbs the next day. And the day after that. But I went back on Thursday for more of the same. Today? Yoga. Which gives you the idea of being really Zen, sitting on your mat with your eyes closed, breathing deeply, relaxed to the max. Until she tells you to hold those planks. And hold. Hold. Keep holding. Yeah.

As the class ended and I snuck in a few more seconds of child’s pose, I realized that I had to be impressed with myself. I tried things that three years ago I would not have. I would have peeked into the classrooms and walked right back to the treadmills. I wouldn’t have asked for help, or asked what other classes I should try. I’d keep hiding in the back, thinking that maybe someday I would be fit enough to try.

Someday happened. And though I have to say, it wasn’t perfect, I’m not making it through those squats and Zen poses without a few curse words (under my breath, of course), I’ve come way farther than I thought. Someday is today.


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