Here we go

We’re almost through the first week of school. As I’ve said, often enough, it gives me mixed feelings. I’m sad for the end of summer, long days and late, lazy mornings will be missed. But even when I was young(er) I felt like the start of a new school year was a chance to start something fresh. The kiddos have all seemed to fall into the morning routine pretty easily. I, however, have had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the (way too)early rising. They all have different bus schedules, one is out at 7 am, one at 8:09 (yes, it’s that specific), and the little one at 8:42. We’re (I’m) adjusting. The nice part about this time of year is that it’s still light out when I take my oldest to the bus stop. There will come a time when it’ll still be kinda dark out, and I will feel the need to crawl right back into bed.

So, on with the back to school pictures…

6th grade. My girlie is growing up. She’s gotten taller and her voice sounds so much more mature now. Except on the phone, she still has a bit of her little girl squeak.

Third grade. His Special Ed. team is good and ready. He still has some anxiety about school, but he has found his little girl helper (who happened to be in his 2nd grade class) and his new teacher is, according to him, “turning out to be pretty cool.”

Kindergarten. *sigh* This one was hard. Even though he’s been in early childhood preschool for the past two and a half years, somehow sending him to Kindergarten had me a ball of nerves. He does still have some support, but the class is bigger, and he’s not on the Special Ed. bus anymore. It’s a new school with all new people. But, he’s doing great. Three days and he’s got it down. His favorite part, the playground.

Tuesday was my first day back at the gym. After stalking my kindergartener’s bus, (I secretly hid to take his picture getting off the bus, if he would have seen me he would have lost it) I headed off to the gym for my first group class. BodyWorks (strength training) It was hard, but I was proud to be able to make it through. My muscles are screaming at me, though. But it’s good. I’ve been pounding on that treadmill long enough, time for a change. Hopefully this will help bust through this neverending plateau. Onward and downward. Fingers are crossed (’cause that’s the only body part that’s not hurting) for a good, productive year for all of us.


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