Sounds of summer

We’re in full swing, now. Summer. Christopher still has a couple of days of summer school left, but we’re pretty much in summer vacation mode.

Here’s how I know. These are just a few of the things heard around here that let me know summer vacation has begun.

“Mom!” (This, of course, is not limited to summer)

“I’m bored!”

“Stop touching me!”

“Where are we going today?”

“Where’s my DS?”

“It’s raining, again?!”

“What’s for (insert any given meal/snack)?”

“Mom! He’s looking at me!”

“But it’s still light outside!”

“Who pooped?”

“Why is he/she on the computer? It’s my turn!”

“I’m hungry!” (that’s probably me)

But it’s not all as horrible as it sounds. There are also plenty of good things happening. We’ve been to the zoo twice, and seen the dolphin show. We’ve seen a couple of movies, and have plans for a couple more. We’ve been sunscreened and bug-sprayed and seen parades and visited a carnival and had lots and lots of ice cream.

And there’s more to come. Birthdays to plan for (with cake!) Music camp, maybe even a trip to the beach and Six Flags. Lots to do. Seems like it takes me a while to get my brain wrapped around the new schedule. And as soon as I’m getting comfortable, we’re back to school. *sigh*

I’m gonna try and enjoy it while it’s here. Right after I go clean up the poop. 🙂


One thought on “Sounds of summer

  1. Yep! I understand what those sounds are like with two boys ages 7 & 10 who are highly energetic, always fighting or wresting, complaining, and a 3 yr old girl who torments them. 🙂

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