Plans gone awry

I had this vision in my mind about how I was gonna get my workouts in this summer. I have to get up early to get boylie on the bus for summer school, so I could squeeze a morning workout in just as I did when the kids were in school. Right? Of course not. For some reason, my brain has figured out that we’re on a summer schedule here, and is putting the brakes on any early exercise dreams I had. My backup plan, was to get two workouts in during girlie’s cross country camp sessions. We signed up for six weeks. Two nights a week we head over to get a walk/run in. Except it’s been two weeks and we’ve gone twice. Why? BECAUSE IT’S RAINING. Almost

See this?

I’ve been skipping my morning workouts figuring I’d get a workout in at camp. And then camp gets cancelled, and it’s getting later and I’m notsogood at fitting it in later. And now, my poor girlie has hurt her foot, and we may be skipping this week (at least) to give it some rest. So I’m back to fitting those workouts in bright and early. But it’s sooooo haaard. (cue violin music)

The scale has not been kind to me. It’s not going up so much but it’s not going down either. But let’s face it, I haven’t been putting in as much effort as I should. I’m struggling. I read this today and it totally nailed my struggle right now. Do I keep obsessing over the stupid number on the scale? Even though I know I feel a thousand times better than I have in a long time. Or do I accept where I am, and just let things happen as they may, as long as it takes, just living my life. My clothes fit. I don’t cringe when I see my reflection. I can climb stairs without losing a lung. All good things, right? The more I obsess, the more disappointed I get, and when I get bummed out the goldfish crackers start to disappear rapidly.

I don’t know how long it’s gonna take to get to that elusive “goal.” And what does it matter, anyway? Do I stop taking care of myself altogether once I get there? Nope. So what difference does it make? Grrrrr.

I’ll say one thing for sure. When I finally do get to my goal, I’m gonna kick ass at the maintenance part. I’ve been maintaining like a badass.


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