The day didn’t go exactly as I thought it would. It started out pretty normally, got boylie on the bus for summer school, got myself and the other two ready, and headed out for some errands. All was well.

I was thinking to myself that I was feeling this sort of peaceful feeling. The day was moving along smoothly enough. I had some plans to take my girl over to a friends for a playdate, and then back home to finish up some chores. Simple.

Here’s where it starts to go crazy. I load up the kids in the van. This is the van that we just brought home from the dealer where it has been for the past four months. It was called in for some recall work that took forever, and we’ve been driving a rental, but that’s another story. Anyway, I turn the key and it starts, and makes a sputtering sound. I turn it off, restart, same thing. One more time, ’cause I’m in denial, and this time it just cranks and won’t start. Crap. *deepbreath* still gonna try to be peaceful.

So kids come back in the house, we’re not going anywhere. Guess I’ll start on that housecleaning I had planned. Pull out the mop to get the kitchen floor. I hear the girlie holler at one of the dogs. Crap. Well, not exactly. But, still a doggie mess, up in one of the bedrooms.

Remember that scene in “Finding Nemo” where Marlin and Dory are feeling all happy ’cause they see that angler fish with the pretty light. And then when they get a close up of what it really is Marlin says, “Good feeling’s gone.”

After that things just sort of rolled outta control. My dad came over and got the car started, but thinks it’s a fuel pump. So we have to take it in because I can’t chance getting stranded. I load up the kids to take it back to the dealer, we pull out of the garage, phone rings and husband says, “wait, I might be able to take it tomorrow, this other place has a better deal anyway.” Okay, kids, we’re not going. The kids grumble and moan because we’re getting out of the car AGAIN. By the way, this is all happening right around 4:00. What’s for dinner? I decided to splurge on some Happy Meals. Somebody’s gotta get happy up in here. We head over to the Home of the Happy, get the meals, and the phone rings again. Husband: “Go ahead and take it to the dealer, the other place can’t have it ready til next week.”


Okay so I settle the kids and they eat their treats in the car on the way over. We get to the dealer and youdontwannaknowhowmuchitsgonnacost. But they give me a nice, fancy rental with all the bells and whistles. You know, so when I get my clunker back I’ll love it even more.

Somehow, though, we make it back home without a meltdown. And the kids were real troopers, too.

Peace out.


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