Five for Friday

1. Today I spent a sweet day with my littlest. He had no school and the two biggies did. So we snuck off all sneaky-like to the zoo. He's fascinated with animals right now, and gets much more excited about this stuff than the other two. 


2. The weather here is kicking my butt. Last night it got down into the 30's. This weekend, we're supposed to hit 90. I keep asking my husband to move to Florida and he says it's too hot. I say, at least it's consistent. And Mickey lives there.

3.  We're in the final countdown, last week of school. Only three more days of lunch to pack!

4.  Going out for a girl's night. Gonna see Bridesmaids. Can't wait.

5.  I really don't have five. I'm exhausted from my zoo trek and have had 3 cups of coffee today to keep me perked up to go out tonight. I may have to grab a fourth. Planning on enjoying the three day weekend and hope for at least one day of decent weather. 


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