Ten on Tuesday, the “Where have you been?” edition

1. Really? Has it been that long since I have written a blog post? Really?

2. I have no excuses, I've thought about it often but just have been too distracted with life to post about it.

3. I'm blogging from my new toy. Husband got me an iPad for Mother's Day. Apparently he doesn't care what the house looks like or if the children are dressed in clean clothes, because if he did he wouldn't have given me this most awesome piece of technology that has become my favorite time sucker.

4. Can't seem to catch up with laundry. Trying to find out if there's an app for that.

5. Christopher made his First Communion. We stressed over how he would do on the big day. He wore his suit and tie, walked up to the priest and took Communion like all of the other kids, sat back down and said, "I can handle this." Way to go, buddy.

6. They just opened a Starbucks inside my Target. Don't they want my kids to go to college?

7. I just finished watching Oprah's big blowout superstar studded show. I'll bet that was a little spendy. But, seriously, it did make me tear up a few times. I'm in Chicago, so I've seen Oprah since before she went national. I've seen Giant Shoulder Pad Oprah, Big Hair Oprah, Too Skinny Oprah, all the way though LiveYourBestLife Oprah. I even got to go see a show once. And while I stopped watching daily when I graduated college, it'll be weird to not have her on tv at 9 every morning.

8. I think it's finally sinking in that we are skipping a trip to Disney this year. I think that is one of the reasons husband got me the iPad, to dull the pain a little. Don't think it's working.

9. Summer vacation starts in 10 days. I'll still have to get up at the crack of dawn, and nothing really changes around here in terms of busy, but you know what makes me so excited? I won't have to pack those lunch boxes. What is it about filling those lunches every morning that makes me so stinking tired?

10. I'm gonna try real hard to be more consistent here with the blogging. For real. I'm not ready to give it up just yet. So stay tuned, all three of you.

Bonus: writing isn't so bad on this contraption, but the auto correct thing is driving me crazy! I should do a whole post without fixing the auto correct, just to see what comes out. Could be fascinating! 


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