Spring cleaning.

I just realized that my last post was two weeks ago, and it also had the word Spring in it. Except it's still cold. Today's weather, damp and grey and chilly. 


I've been a lazy blogger. But it's not because I've been lazy. Au contraire mon frere (in other words, No way, Jose).  My time has been spent tending to my list o'stuff.

I've been trying to figure out what my children will be doing this summer, so their brains don't rot. It's funny, I remember when I was a kid, there weren't summer camps and activities that we were signed up for to keep us occupied. We went outside, and when we were done we came back in. But it's not that easy anymore, for various reasons, to just ship the kids outside on their own for hours on end. I need to be with them, or at least within peeking distance. With one child with special needs and one child who's 5 years old and well, let's just say, he needs supervision, I really don't feel comfortable with just saying, go outside and play. So we need a bit of structure. And structure costs money, honey.  We're working it out. I've finally got a couple of ideas and don't feel as lost as I did a couple of weeks ago.

And there's the house. I know I said I haven't been lazy, per se, but if you stepped into my home you would all me a big fat liar. So, in order to rectify the situation, I have called in a professional. No, not a cleaning lady. But we are having are whole house carpets cleaned, which means I need to clean before the cleaners come. Nothing like having someone look under your beds to get your booty moving. I have five days. Five. 

I'm also back in the Weight Watchers game. Not that I was gone, really. But I have mixed things up a bit, and feel refreshed and re-energized. Whether or not that shows up on the scale is another story. But I'm not as worried about that now. I'm miles away from where I started, so I don't have that desperate, get it off quick feeling. I also know that I am fitter than I was a year ago, and unfortunately, that means that to get results, you gotta work even harder. I'm doing what I can, consistently. That's the best I can do. I'm really starting to feel like I'm sick of talking about it, though. So the super-charged weight loss posts are probably going to fade away. So are the woe is me I can't move the scale posts. I'm done with the pouting. It is what it is. I'm taking care of myself, I'm taking care of my family. We're in a good place. What else can I wish for? 

Warm weather would be nice, though. (I know, I know, suck it up.) 



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