Springing ahead.

Yes, the clock on the wall has changed, but the one in my brain has not. I'm trying trying trying to shake the sleepy but it's tough.

On the upside, we have been seeing slightly (very slightly) warmer temperatures and a smidge of sunshine here and there.

Yesterday, after school, the girlie wanted to play outside. The backyard is a mess and there's not much to play with, so she decided to get a little artistic.


She spent an hour and a half on the driveway. I'd peek out and see her with her head down, wearing down one chalk after another. Occasionally she'd stop to chat with a neighbor who was out walking the dog and asked what she was doing.


When she came back in she got to work on her homework, and afterwards seemed much more relaxed. She had woken up in an awful, post time change funk and the fresh air and sunshine seemed to work wonders.

It's funny, I really didn't want her out there on the driveway all alone. I didn't think it would be much fun. I thought she'd end up making me come out there with her and I had so much to get done before dinner. But she insisted, she really wanted to be out there. 

She knew exactly what she needed. Thank goodness I listened to her. She came back a much happier kid. 

Maybe I need to do the same thing for myself once in a while. Hmmmm. Something to ponder, yes?




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