Thursday Thoughts…

Haven't been much of a blogger lately. Thoughts are swimming around in my head and I can't seem to get them to settle.

The weather is killing me. I'm sick of my treadmill and want to go outside and walkwalkwalk in the sunshine. But I'm just too cold. 

I'm fighting a stupid head cold that I received so lovingly from my littlest, who *coughcoughcough* loves to *coughcoughcough* snuggle with his *coughcoughcough* mama. Especially when he's *coughcoughcough* sick. 

I'm searching for another way to get some exercise in that does not involve a new piece of expensive equipment, or an expensive gym membership. Yes, I could go run outside for free but there's that pesky Chicago weather. 

I'm struggling with some thoughts about my middle son, Christopher. He's progressing in school, he is more socially aware, but there's this nagging mommy guilt that I should be doing more for him. 

My house is in chaos. It's a mess. Nothing is organized. And I have zero motivation to do anything about it. 

I don't want to eat my vegetables today. And my fruit is all boring. I want chocolate. 

I want to go hang out with my friends, but everyone is busy with their lives. 

Can you tell I'm a little on the cranky side? 

There's another issue that's made me cranky and I'm working on a blog post about it. It's not about my kids, or weight loss or Disneyworld. Something's been bugging me and I need to vent so I can move on. 

So, nothing is really wrong. Everything is really fine, I'm just in a weird, scrambly place in my brain. 

Maybe I should go eat my vegetables.



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