My brain is all scrambly-like…

This week is gonna be the longest, and shortest week ever. 

If you've talked to me in the last 6 months, you know that my vacation is coming up this weekend. Yes, my Disney vacation. The one I long for from the minute I leave the place until the minute the plane lands at MCO. The vacation that, when I talk about vacation, people don't even ask the destination anymore, because I am that geek-ified. I love it. Other than being cozy and warm and safe at home with my family, it is my happy place. Oh, and the kids like it too. 

That being said, the week leading up to it is always filled with way too much to do. Besides the packing, and the shopping, and the vacation-related stuff, there's always real-life stuff to do. It gets busy. And I can't keep things straight in my head.

So of course, this is the week that Weight Watchers decides to roll out its brand new plan. I knew it was coming, our leader has been talking it up for weeks. And I'm excited. But I'm BUSY! So it's just one more stressor to add to my list. 

I'll be honest, when I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation…from Weight Watchers too. (GASP!) Not in the eateverythingthatsnotnaileddown kinda way. But it's just not gonna happen. It's my one week a year that I relax and enjoy without feeling guilty.  That being said, I get a TON of walking in, and usually come back with only a tiny gain, if any. And it usually comes right off the following week. So…I'm trying. I'm getting through this week the best that I can. I'm trying to learn the program so that when I get back I'll be where I need to be and can jump right in. 

And I know that when I get back all my Weight Watcher friends will have the new plan down pat, so I'll just ask them for help…:)

See ya real soon! I'll tell Mickey you all say hello!




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