I am not a fitness blogger.

Sometimes I like to think I am. I mean, I spew on and on about how much I work out, and how I'm doing with my health quest. But truly, it's only a teeny tiny part of my life and only part of what I blog about.  It's the only part, though, that is really mine alone. My kids aren't involved. My husband, though he cheers me on and is super supportive (even when I say we are NOT going to try the new Chik-Fil-A  the night before weigh in), he's not really doing this with me. It's all me. But I'm not a fitness blogger. 

There is a community out there, in bloggy-land, however, that are. (is? I swear I got A's in English) Fitness bloggers. Some actually have made a career out if it. Some started doing it as a way to be accountable through their own journey to become healthy.  And I wanted to tell them all something.

Thank you.

The first blog I found during a time when I was hitting a Weight Watchers wall. I love blogging and reading blogs, and I just googled, "weight watchers blog" and found hers. Roni lost somewhere around 80 pounds on Weight Watchers and basically blogged her way though it. She is so honest about the good and bad, and really is the one who made me realize it doesn't have to be all or nothing. It's not gonna be perfect, but it's okay. Really. Like when I heard her say that (she does a podcast too) it was like someone smacked me in the head and I woke up. And exhaled. 

Through Roni's blog I discovered Miz. Who taught me that there is no one perfect way. Fit it in where you can. And that it's important to like who you are wherever you are in your journey. And because she also does a podcast with the fabulous Ms. Shauna, I discovered her blog and her book, which really, really inspired me. 

So, through their podcast I learned loads more, and heard about all of these other fabulous bloggers who are on their own journeys. It's where I discovered Ryan, and Julia and TJ and The Mrs. and so many more.

So I started following them on Twitter, and they so sweetly followed me back, and that's how I found Renee and Suzi and Mish, who are truly some of the most inspirational and honest people I've never met.

So me, I'm not a fitness blogger. But I like to think I'm part of their community. I follow them, I look to them for words of wisdom and encouragement and humor. I cheer them on as they continue on their own journeys. 

These are some of the people that have gotten me over the many bumps that have come up along the way. I can't say that I myself have been feeling very inspirational as of late. I've lost a total of 8 pounds since May. But I don't give up. And I want to give a big "thank you" to these people, as well as those on my blogroll over there. And there are more. So many more.

Thank you. 


4 thoughts on “I am not a fitness blogger.

  1. Oh Deb! I am honored that you put me in that category, but I have to say as soon as I started reading your post I thought to myself “Me Neither!” (side note being I almost even started a post called “This is not a weight loss blog”). I’m just a girl, figuring out my body, what works, what doesn’t. I’m a mess most of the time, angry, then ecstatic, but if anything yes, I’m honest.
    This quest may be a bigger part of my life than it is yours, but that’s simply because I have more me time to think (and act upon) about it. There are times I wish it WASN’T the biggest part of my “me” life, but these are just our circumstances being different.
    So girlfriend, you are whatever kind of blogger you want to be – you’ll always be someone *I* want to know.

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