It’s been a month.

A freakin' month. I knew it had been awhile. It felt like a long while, actually. But a month? I just happened to peek over here to see when my last post was and lo and behold…

So what's up? 

Happenings around here…

School is obviously in full swing. Homework and projects piling up=more work for mama.

Dental work. Ugh. Stupid teeth. When there are three kids with mouthfuls to take care of, it's easy to let mama's slide. So when I got back in there, finally, I found there was much work to be done. Luckily nothing serious, just some repairs. Like 6 fillings and a crown. So we spaced them out and I had the last two done yesterday. 

Halloween. The fall here has been absolutely gorgeous, which is unusual for where I live. Chicago is notorious for it's one week long fall season. This year we were blessed with a beautiful October, and Halloween was perfect. Chilly, but not so that I couldn't bundle the kids under their costumes. 


A Purple Witch, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Toad.

That Toad costume, by the way, saved Samuel's nose from being smashed into the ground. In his rush to get up someone's driveway he stripped and fell face first. The Toad head hit the ground first, thankfully cushioning his face. He did scrape up his hands, though. But it didn't stop him. Christopher stopped after one block. When he felt had sufficient candy he was done. Madelyn has goals. To fill up the basket, twice if possible. And Samuel wanted to keep up with the big kids. It really was a nice day. I'm glad, because this was the first time Sam was really excited, and I think it lived up to his expectations. 

So now it's November. I'm exactly four weeks away from vacation. Things are moving along. I've upped my workouts a bit, although I have to say that lately I've felt more laid back in terms of the whole struggle to get to goal. It's not that I don't want to get there, I do. But mostly because I want to stop giving Weight Watchers my money. I have lots of thoughts about this lately, and I am going to write about them, as soon as I can straighten them out in my scrambly mommy brain.

I love blogging. I do. But sometimes being a mama makes my brain hurt. 


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