Neglectful Nellie

I've been neglectful. Of my blog, of other blogs. Of my plan. Not horrible, off the charts neglectful. I'm not buring myself in twinkies and ice cream. Just slacking. 

Yeah, that's it. I'm a slacker.

I've been working out, although since I  haven't been running, for some reason I feel like I'm not working out as hard. It's all in my head I think. I've added in a couple of extra days, upped the incline on the treadmill, and I take walks with the little guy in the mornings, too. 

But truly, I haven't been working as hard as I should. As I could. 

The scale shows it, too. Two weeks, two gains. Small, but still there. Enough to bug me. Enough that I can see it easily start to snowball. 

So yesterday, after my weigh in, I decided that it's time to climb back on the wagon. Track my food, not just in my head. Apparently, I can be forgetful, especially when it comes to pumpkin muffins and chocolate chips. 

Maybe add a little strength training, a couple of times this week. 

Clean my house. It's way too cluttered, and it's cluttering my brain.

Get back to visiting my bloggy friends, commenting on their blogs, and visiting them in Twitterland. I think I've been avoiding these things a bit too, and these are some of the things that kept me motivated. I think that I was starting to get a little resentful of everyone else's energy when my own was dwindling. 

I have a vacation coming up in two months. A vacation that I am super excited about. I know that during that week there will be no counting of points, no working out (unless you count the miles of walking we do all week) and there will likely be a small gain when I get back. This happens every year, and I'm prepared for it. I just want to get there with a clear conscious. Knowing that I've worked as hard as I could up until that week and I can relax and enjoy it without freaking out about what's gonna be waiting on the scale when I get home. It'll also make it that much easier to jump back on plan when I get back. 

So that's my plan. Gotta have a plan. 


2 thoughts on “Neglectful Nellie

  1. sometimes it’s hard to crank up again. but you know how it is… all you have to do is get started and things fall into place. Start planning, preparing, working out (being flexible of your time of course). It’s just that first step again and you’re on the right track!

  2. Gotta have a plan. I so get that. I get the whole running thing to, Running to me is a hard work out, so when I don’t do it I feel like I Am not doing my best. Annoying!!! You’ll be back on track in no time, adn that vaca will be better than ever if you do so, that’s what I am doing, I’ve been horsing around way too long!

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