Change of plans


I know, it's been too long, little blog.

But I've been oh. so. busy. Life got a little wacky when the chillies started back to school. My schedule's all funked up. I've had meetings at school, appointments and that little thing I've been trying to squeeze in called EXERCISE. 

Yeah, about that. 

So, last couple of weeks or so, I've had a nagging little ache right behind my kneecap. Nothing horrible, I mean, I'm not limping or anything. I still managed to get through my runs just fine. But I'd be sitting on the couch at the end of the day, barely awake, and my knee would just, well, ache. Just a bit. Enough to scare me. (For those who know me, it doesn't really take much. I'm well known in my circle as "the worrier") 

So I've switched back to walking on the treadmonster instead of running. And I've decided to go for 5 days a week instead of 3. And I'm just trying to be a bit more active in other ways, to kinda make up the difference. But I can't say I'm not a teensy bit bummed. I've been talking about signing up for my first actual 5K and now I'm scared. We're just gonna have to wait and see. And I HATE waiting and seeing. 

Weight wise? Well, I'm pretty much at a standstill. Still at a 75 pound loss, which is nothing to snicker at. But I've been doing my, upapound, downapound dance for a bit now, and frankly, I've had just about enough. We'll see how the change in activity will affect things for the next few weeks. I'm just done with thinking about how long it will take to get to goal. It'll take however long it will take. I'm not going back. That's all there is to it. (Sounds all determined and stuff, right? That's the point.)

In other news…

School is back in swing and the kids are alright. Except maybe for my boylie. He's having a bit of a hard time. See, in second grade they seem to forget that you are only SEVEN years old and they think they can pile on the homework like your parents have nothing better to do than park their tushies at the kitchen table and do one worksheet after another. Okay, that's a bit harsh, I suppose. The problem is, one of Christopher's big difficulties is with fine motor skills. Writing. He's not good at it, and he knows it. It's hard for him. So, with a new teacher that has to learn his limitations, it's been a rough week. Thankfully, we have a great team on his side, and we're working it out. But the stress is hitting him. He's having bad dreams, and a wee bit of separation anxiety. I am too, for that matter. I love his teachers, but sometimes I'd like to just keep him home with me and give him lots of hugs. And goldfish. 'Cause those are his favorite. 

This past week also took us to the land of cheese and, cheese. We went off to Wisconsin to see my younger brother get married. And my girlie was the flower girl. Oh how grown up she looked. 

I know, right? Beautiful. 

And it was my chance to get all fancy-like. I got to wear a dress and heels and earrings and everything. Doesn't happen often. And I have to say, this was the first time since I can remember when shopping for a dress was actually fun. I tried on tons, thanks to my fabulous sister-in-law who is now officially my personal stylist. And I really didn't hate any of them. Some were better than others. But seriously, this was the first time I didn't stress out about finding something that would fit. It was fantastic. 


It was awesome. I know I complain about the scale not moving, but these kinds of things make me realize the work I've been doing has paid off, and it's totally worth it. And it's totally not worth giving up now. 


3 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. OMG, you’re beautiful! What a great picture. You’ve come such a long way and are a real inspiration for me. I’m feeling like I’m just about at my “stuck” point where it’s going to get very hard to shake off any more ounces. Just keep doing what you know how to do. Exercise as you are able and eat like your should. I think that’s what I’m hearing. Good luck.

  2. your daughter is gorgeous. that dress of yours is gorgeous. that photo of you is really gorgeous.
    you are still working on you and that’s nothing to shake a stick at. as we both discussed recently I too am doing the dance of stay at exactly the same weight. we’ll get there. life is more than just reaching our goal weight I guess!
    by the way, my stepson too has writing issues! but it’s getting better now. took some time and he’s a wee bit older than yours (nearly 10). I wish you could experience what we have here to help kids through who have special educational needs. P also gets stressed out but now that we have his diagnosis and help things are going better. do you have extra help in school there for kids?

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