Here we go…

Time to start a new school year. For two of my chillies, it means a whole new school. 

My big girl is starting middle school, 5th grade. New building, new teachers, new friends. I know she'll be fine, but she had a few night before first day jitters. 


Another big change for her (and me) is that the bus comes much earlier and her day starts over an hour earlier than it used to. Luckily, for now, she is an early riser. Me, notsomuch. 

The boylie is also starting in a new school. His special ed. program has been moved to a new building. The hardest part for me about this was that he had seemed to form some friendships at the old school. For a kid with Asperger's, this is a big deal. So I was a tad (really mucho) irked when I found out. But the new school is doing everything to make things smooth for him, and he seems pretty happy so far.  No jitters for him. 


And the little guy, luckily for both of us is staying with the same teacher this year. It's his last year of early childhood classes before Kindergarten. He's in a half day, afternoon program, so it's one less child to rush around in the morning. He was very excited to get started, and was chatting about it all morning, all the way onto the bus. I warned the bus driver.


As for me, well, the new schedule is tampering with my workouts a bit. I have to squeeze it in between bus pick ups, so far it's working. I've had to shave a few minutes off of my runs but for now as long as I'm getting them in it's okay. I've kind of decided that I'm gonna have to cut myself a bit of slack if I'm going to stay on course. If I make things too stressful I'm much more likely to burn out and stop altogether. 

Weigh in? Well, since hitting my 75 pound mark a few weeks ago I've kind of gotten stuck again. I'm still doing everything I'm supposed to, it just seems like things are slowing down a bit. It seems to be my pattern. Lose a little, then hover around a bit. This time I'm not stressing it. As long as I'm not way off track, I know I'm doing good things. Slow and steady.

Lots of stuff coming up in the next few weeks. Doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, haircut appointments, shopping for my brother's wedding. And there's my brother's wedding. It's in less than two weeks, up in Wisconsin. So a mini getaway for us that weekend will be nice. 

And of course, soon all the volunteer sign-up papers will be coming in, and all of my loads of free time will be going away.  No, I really don't have much free time, but whatever. Busy can be good, right? That's what I keep telling myself, anyway. 



5 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. awww so cute! I totally got the first day of school nervous tummy when I saw those pics of your kids! My Mom used to line me & my brother up like that to take pictures too. 🙂 Hope all three have a great 1st day!

  2. Thanks, ladies! I know, we think that with the kids out of the house for a few hours we’ll get something done, but I end up spending almost as much time at their schools (three different ones this year)! *waiting for Christmas break*

  3. They’re adorable! I love that you took first day pix. It sounds like you have a good plan for getting in your workout, but you’re right. You do what you can. Take it easy on the volunteering. Say yes to just one or two things and, if you have spare time later, there’ll still be opportunities to help and they’ll be that much more grateful by then!

  4. very cute kiddies. I remember when my kids were young and in school. It really is the best time ever you know. They grow so quick. Spoken like an empty nester.

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