The one where I was almost small.

So I went shopping with my girlie the other day, she likes to shop now. ('Cause I'm a "tween" now, mom. Tweens like to shop. HELPME) We went to Old Navy. They had jeans on sale, and the boylie needed some for school, girlie wanted to try some on, and I needed a new pair cuz my old ones are too big *WOOHOO*. 

Anyway, I decided to try on a couple of tops since we were there, I found a couple of breezy little tops and tried them in a size L (yes, that's Large). I almost automatically grab an XL, just so I'm not disappointed, but since it was a loose fitting top I decided to live dangerously. It was too big. *WOOHOO AGAIN*. I put it back, and we kept on around the store, and in the "clearance" section I found another cute breezy little top. It was way cheap, like 8 bucks or something. I decided to get cocky and try a Medium. ( I know, how daring am I?) Well tried that on and it was STILL BIG!

Whoa, I must have like that weird thing where I see myself bigger than I really am. I must be super tiny and skinny, right? Or maybe the top is just one that runs big. So I take it off, and glance down at the tag to make sure it really is a Medium. 

It is. 

From the Maternity section. 

So I figure I'd be a really skinny tiny pregnant person, then. 


3 thoughts on “The one where I was almost small.

  1. LOL! What a great story. I didn’t even know they had a maternity section (a long time since I was pregnant, I guess). Your old T’s are still way too big.

  2. You made me laugh. You reminded me how I used to buy all my tops from the maternity section at most stores. Somehow they fit better and they were cute. I don’t do that anymore…
    Oh I forgot how fun tweens are. My kids are all grown but I remember that was the best time when the girls were home… shopping for school clothes.

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