Dear blog,

I didn't forget about you. Really I didn't. There are thoughts swimming in my head, like little fishies. But the monkeys in my house have taken over my computer, along with my brain and energy and mini-van. Truth is, I have no time. The past two weeks have been super crazy, and the next three ain't gonna be any better. It's almost back to school time and I haven't even started shopping yet. 

So, this blog is supposed to be for me to document my life and what's going on, but life is so busy at this moment there is little time for witty commentary. I'll just say that things are good. 

Still working out, running my treadmonster into the ground.

Wanna go run outside but it's so freakin' hot I can barely make it to the mailbox and back.

Two kiddos dentist appointments down, one little monkey to go. 

Potty training is pretty much wrapped up, only the occasional i'mtoobusyplaying slip-up. I'm calling us done with diapers. (Hello, extra money in my pocket!) (No, not really, 'cause I'll find something else to buy at Target)

Oh, yeah, I hit my 75 pounds lost mark and got my swanky little keychain washer. I'd post a picture but I'd have to find my camera and, well, time's a ticking. 

Girlie turned 10, had two parties, and is itching to spend that birthday money. She also finished theatre camp and the tunes from Annie and Mary Poppins are still ringing in my brain. The show was adorable, she did a fantastic job and I was a super proud mama.

I'm itching for a girl's night out. I wanna go see Eat, Pray, Love. Of course, I'm thinking it's gonna make me hungry. For pizza. The damn trailer alone is making my tummy all rumbly. 

There are approximately 123 days left until my Disney vacation. I. can't. wait.

It is now almost midnight, and I'm all tuckered out. 

I will try to be a better blogger, 




3 thoughts on “Dear blog,

  1. Phew lady, you a busy!
    I’ve missed you BUT I know that your “real” life is demanding right now. (cue for you to take a deep breath!)
    Congrats on the 75 lb. lost! I’m jealous, I want key-ring “bling!”
    Stay cool & keep pushing through. Your kids love and appreciate you AND so do we!

  2. 75 POUNDS! Congratulations! You’re doing it and not letting a busy life get in the way. Thanks for the dose of inspiration. Good luck on getting the kids all set for school.

  3. Congrats on the 75 pounds lost. Wow, that’s an achievement. I know things get hectic at home with kiddies. Mine are all grown up and I look back to when they were little. I was so busy working that I didn’t get a chance to savor those moments when they were little.
    Wish I had them back. Anyways, enjoy the kids, back to school shopping and all the other stuff with getting them ready for school. We’ll still be here.

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