Ten years ago today, I became a mama. 


This little girl has changed my life in more ways than I can describe. 

She is smart and beautiful and funny.


She likes Legos and Pokemon and Star Wars, loves stuffed animals and the color pink. 

She is creative and imaginative and talented. (I can brag, I'm the mama.)

She is an awesome big sister to two adorable (yet sometimes challenging) little brothers.


She is a great friend, always making others feel welcome, never leaving anyone out of the fun.

She is mature, yet still likes to hold mama's hand when we cross the street.

She is not too girly, she's just girly enough.

IMG_0040 copy

She still likes to play pretend.

She watches and listens (even when you think she's not) and learns. 

She has big dreams, and I hope that she achieves every single one of them. 

She makes me proud, even when she makes me crazy.

She is my big girl, and still my baby.


I can't believe ten years have passed. 

I love you more every single day, you never cease to amaze me.

Happy Birthday, Monkey.  


4 thoughts on “10

  1. Happy Birthday to your girl! She IS beautiful and seems to be a typical “first” – smart, mature, loving and care taking of her brothers. I hope she has a wonderful day and all of her dreams come true!

  2. Madelyn is lovely!! and I cannot believe it either Deb, Your Children are so blessed to have a wonderful mama who is so considerate, loving, smart,and not forgetting that wonderful dry wit that I just love!! take care I hope you all enjoy this milestone in Madelyn’s life and have a lot of fun God bless!! Lisaxxx

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