It’s all good.

Every Weight Watcher on the planet has those weeks when they know things weren't just right. The week was extra busy, there was alot going on, good or bad, and it just wasn't picture perfect. That was my week last week. After having spent two days in the hospital, on my butt, no exercise except that stupid stress-test (which I rocked, incidentally), and hospital food which was delicious because I was starving so I ate every bit *exhale* I wasn't sure what was waiting for me on the scale on Sunday. The rest of the week wasn't great, either, not for lack of trying. I was just so behind on things in the house and grocery shopping needed to be done. I was tired and crabby. I didn't binge, I didn't do anything stupid. I worked out twice and did the best I could. In other words, I did not eat the whole pizza on Saturday out of sheer crabbicrankiness. 

Results: Down .2 on Sunday. *cue confetti*

I was happy. I was good. I kind of expected a gain, considering how even in my best possible weeks that has happened. 

Things are slow, yes, that is for sure. But I feel as there has been a shift in my thinking, lately. I don't have that desperate feeling to get it all off as fast as possible anymore. Life happens. There are weeks when the scale might not cooperate, even when I do everything right. And there are weeks when things (choices) aren't perfect. But overall, the changes I have made are good. All of them. 

It's good for me to run until the sweat is glistening dripping from my face. It's good for me to give my body healthy things to eat. 

It's also good for me to NOT beat myself up if I have an extra slice of pizza. That's just stupid. I'm kinda tired of thinking of my weeks as good or bad, depending on what I eat. That's the kind of mindset that got me in trouble in the first place. If I make positive choices, do what I know is healthy for me, things will happen as they should. No good or bad. Just life. 

I also think it's good to look back at the journey, every now and then. And so, taking a cue from the fabulous Ms. TJ, I'm looking back at some photos of where I have come from. 


I used to hate going places where I had to find something decent to wear. Shopping wasn't fun at all. I actually have a hard time finding pictures of myself, simply because I didn't want to be photographed much. 


It's not so scary anymore. Time to join the party. 


3 thoughts on “It’s all good.

  1. Love the pix! You look fabulous. I’m glad you have some of yourself “before” to reaffirm how far you’ve come. You’re right. You’ve got to find the positives and not spiral down at little roadblocks. Thanks for reminding me.

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