But I’m a freakin’ athlete, dammit!

So, I just spent my last two days sitting my butt in a hospital bed, hooked up to God knows how many wires, monitoring my heart activity. Why? Because day before yesterday, I had some uncomfortable feelings in my chest. I felt kinda yucky, nauseous, tired. I took some meds for indigestion, and they didn't really help. I went to bed, slept just fine and got up the next morning thinking it had all passed. Then it was back. I tried to go about my day, thinking it would just go away. 

I was supposed to take my son to the dentist (which is probably the whole reason I was stressed) and had to pick up my mom so she could watch them. My mom, from whom I inherited my hypochondriasis, and who is also a nurse. As we drove to my house I mentioned that I still wasn't feeling well. She, of course, said I needed to cancel the dentist and get my booty to the E.R. "Let them check you out, I'm sure it's nothing but you can't take chances."

So I did. Let me tell you a secret. If you go into the E.R. and tell them your chest hurts, your butt won't even hit the chairs in the waiting room. They hooked me up to the EKG right away, and then put me in a room to see the doctor. Not that I'd want anyone to fake chest pains, it's just an observation. 

Anyway, the doctor came in and I told him all about my situation. And he said, "well, AT YOUR AGE, we start to look at heart disease as a possibility for chest pain." 

Ummm, excuse me? AT MY AGE? I'm forty, sir. Not 65. 

Apparently, I'm ancient and didn't know it. 

I told him that I eat right, I exercise, I've recently lost 70 pounds. That should count for something, right? 

"Yes, of course, but we still need to check it out." 

So….they checked me in. I had a chest x-ray, a CT scan of my chest to rule out a blood clot, three blood tests and a stress test/echocardiogram. Which, by the way, I totally rocked. Thank God I've been running on a treadmill for 6 months or that test alone would have killed me. Everything came out fine. Thankfully. 

So now I'm home, the kids are fine, but the house is a disaster. I'm having my first cup of coffee in three days (no caffeine on the cardiac floor) and my workout for today is to clean the pigsty that is my house. I hope to be hopping back on the treadmill tomorrow. 

I don't know how two days of hospital food (and no excercise except the stress test) will affect my weigh in. They had me on the cardiac diet, of course, so it was low fat and low salt. It wasn't horrible, but who knows? I was hungry, so I ate. That's life, right? 


4 thoughts on “But I’m a freakin’ athlete, dammit!

  1. Whoa, SO glad you are ok!
    Um, 40 is NOT old, jerk doctor. Glad you rocked your test and that everything came out ok. Maybe it was a mild panic attack or just stress (I get those weird chest feelings during those episodes.)
    Oh, and when I went in for GB problems, I checked “yes” to chest pains on the entrance form and I was in right away too. 😉
    Really, really glad you are ok. Don’t worry about weigh in. You have been doing awesome lately, PLUS low fat low salt diet may have actually helped. 🙂

  2. glad you went in. a sign of concern is the nausea that erupted when you were on senor treadmill. also, never rule anything out – we had a boy at the shop who had chest pain/discomfort and some pain in the shoulder – took him to the E.R. and EKG showed no heart attack, blood work did! he’s 21. error to the side of caution girlfriend….ALWAYS!

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