I get the feeling this blogging thing is not going to come easy over the summer. I had been in a rhythm of blogging every Monday, but this past week has been ca-ray-zee. All of the kids are now home all day, so even though my mornings aren't as rushed, they still seem to be busier. And the kids want the computer, so I'm constantly having to set the timer, reset the timer, remember to set the timer, listen for the timer. Stupid timer. Doesn't work. Everytime I turn around a different kid is on the computer. 

Last week was good. Had a fantastic party for my husband's 40th birthday, spent the week cleaning the house and getting things together. Still got my workouts in and stayed on plan like an expert. Had a fantastic 2.6 loss on Sunday, even with the party. But I was so busy that I didn't get many pictures from said party and have no proof of the fabulousness that it was. 

What I'm struggling with now is what many moms struggle with, how to keep sane during the summer. I don't like the kids just sitting around, especially when I'm trying to be more active, but it is hard to find things to occupy them with that don't drive me batty, and don't cost alot of money. And the weather has not been my friend, either. Either it's raining or too hot. And I don't like either. What's a mama to do? 

I'm going to figure this out. Even if it takes all summer. 


3 thoughts on “Sigh…

  1. You are amazing. I have no idea how moms do “it.” Not only are you doing “it” but you are posting awesome losses and keeping up on food and exercise. You are SERIOUSLY amazing!
    If I were you, I’d send my kids to other people’s houses and have a spa day. (jk)

  2. Get them signed up at the public library for their summer reading program. A book will keep them quiet and entertained, if not active. They’ll be ready for some more active time after a spell of reading. (yes, I’m a former children’s librarian!)

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