Summer- week 1 recap: Hill of pain

Well, the first week of summer vacation (so-not-vacation)  flew by. This week is even busier than last. More activities for the kiddos, earlier mornings for the mama. I made it through the last week, got all of my workouts in, although I did change things around a little.

I signed my daughter up for a cross-country runner camp. Parent participation is optional.  We (yes I said we) started last week. First session, coach said, "who wants to run one mile?" I waited, just to see what the options were. He said, they would only go higher from there. Okay, then. Let's run a mile. Well running a mile on your treadmill and running a mile on a dirt/gravel trail in the woods are two totally different things. In my head I knew this would be different but my legs thought they were all cool and took off and said, "whoa, woman, what the heck?" There were hills, and bridges and tunnels and branches to jump over. But you know what? I did it. Yes, there were parts that were walked. Yes, we were at the end of the pack. (well, almost. there was a 5 year old that was behind us.) But we did it. 

Second session, I was ready. My brain and legs knew what to expect. Except that coach, well he had different ideas. Go on, now, run that mile. This time, flatter, not through the woods. Okay, got this. We ran most of it. Still, not treadmill, but I was okay. Still, the only one we beat was the 5 year old. She's spunky, that little one. So, get back to the group to find out that that was our "warm-up run" Are you supposed to drip sweat during a warm up? I didn't think so. Today we were going to do hill drills. Yeah. 

Run up the hill, hop up the hill, skip up the hill, run up the hill backwards. Hilarious. Then, it was time for the hill sprints. Longer hill, faster legs. The goal was four times up and down. I made it to the top of the hill when something in my leg said," STOP, YOU PSYCHO!" 

Pain. So I limped down, got some sympathy and stretching pointers from coach, and watched the others do the other three runs. The best part of the night, however, was watching my little girl, who is not a fan of the running, do those hills. She was tired after the first two. She wanted to stop. I asked her if she could try one more. "Fine," she said, grumpy little face. She came back down from the third and I asked her if she was done. "Nope," she said, and ran the fourth. I was so proud of her. That was some hart sh*t, it was hard and she pushed and she did it. 

I want her to know what it's like to push through something you didn't think you could do. That's how I felt when I started this crazy running thing. Like I couldn't do it. Like I shouldn't be able to do it. And each time I got a little bit farther I got this crazy little happy feeling. I want her to have that feeling. I think she did after those hills. 

So tonight starts week 2 of our cross country camp adventure. Who knows what pain it will bring. My leg is all better from the hill, today I will be much more careful. I want to keep up with my kid. And that speedy little 5 year old. 


2 thoughts on “Summer- week 1 recap: Hill of pain

  1. What a great post! It made me laugh. I love that you did it, too. Good for you. And it’s so nice that you’re doing this with your daughter. Go for it, beat that little 5 yr old, before she turns 6 and gets fast! My son did XC and it was great for him. He was a very good runner and the team kids were a great group of kids. His wife was a XC runner, too.

  2. That is so good that your daughter will do this with you. I am trying to talk my kids in to doing our City to Bay run which is in September, but I’m training for it now.
    My 10 year old came out for a run with me today and couldn’t keep up, then informed me that he is never coming with me again 🙂

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