How to get through the summer without losing your mind, and still fit into your shorts.

I realized last night when I was plotting for my week with no school, summertime is not so much gonna be easy. 

My two boys have three weeks of summer school, so I'm not officially done with school but the schedule is still different, so I have to change up my normal morning. And let me just say, that morning was already crazy.

So, now that I've finally gotten some sort of regular workout routine going, as crazy as it is, it seems to be working for me. And now I've got to change it. 

The kids used to get on the bus at 8:40, which gave me a 6:30 start time. Make lunches, wake up kids feed and dress and make all pretty. Then run down to the dungeon and attack the treadmonster for 30-40 minutes, then run back up and take a fastaslightning shower so the bus drivers don't see me all sweaty-like. Quick brush the kids teeth and shove them lovingly out the door. It was crazy but it worked. 

Now, the boys catch their buses at 7:45. This cuts my time by an hour. I need my sleep, people. I mean, I could wait until they get on the bus and then get my workout in. But I still have a my daughter at home, and I promised her some mommy-girlie time while the boys were at school. Plus, she starts swim lessons next week which start at 9:00, and this gives me no time between bus and swim to workout and shower. INSANITY. And NO WAY am I gonna try to workout later in the day. It just doesn't work for me. Won't happen. Even my treadmill would laugh at me if I told it I was coming down in the evening. 

And there's the whole food issue that comes up in the summer. I gotta feed them, I gotta feed me, and with all the running around it's supertooeasy to grab something quick. Add that to the barbecues and oh-so-relaxed attitude that everyone has in the summer, and it's a recipe for dietary disaster. 

Anyway, my point to this whole ramble is, things don't always go smoothly on this little journey we're taking. You can't always fit in the right workout, exactly when you want. Sometimes the store is going to run out of your favorite yogurt that you have to have everyday and you'll have to find something else to eat for your snacky snack. Or at the barbecue they have nothing green to eat, only burgers and mayonnaisey-like salads that are not so good for me but I'm starving and it's oh so tasty looking. Things like this would have sent me off the wagon before. I can't let them do it to me this time. I've come too far. I'm just going to have to adjust. I refuse to go backwards this time. 

So, this morning, I got up earlier, 6:00, pulled the poor boylies out of bed, fixed their lunch boxes, dressed and fed them and went on with my workout. I had to cut it short by 5 minutes. (who needs 5 whole warm up minutes AND 5 whole cooldown minutes, right? 3 should cut it.) I upped the intensity a tiny bit. And my plan is, well, to plan. Plan ahead for meals, bring stuff to the barbecues, always carry a snack. You know the drill. All of the stuff that we do all year long, but for some reason the summer comes and our brains get all heat-stroked out and can't seem to hang on. This summer I'm hanging on. There is no reason not to.

Weigh in yesterday, not bad. -.4. Yes, I said POINT 4. Less than a pound. But I'm okay with that. Still happy I'm past the crazy two month plateauofdisaster. Moving on.

Lots to do this summer. Keep the kids moving, keep myself moving, not lose my mind, get some sun and maybe some sleep (HA!) I'm in a much better position this year to do this than I was last year. I will not let it slide. I refuse to buy a new pair of shorts this summer. Unless they are a smaller size ;). 


3 thoughts on “How to get through the summer without losing your mind, and still fit into your shorts.

  1. Love your tag line! It sound like you’ve got it figured out. Why is it that when the kids get off for the summer, your life gets more complicated. Mommy’s should get summers “off” too. I find that I’m having to get up earlier too (even tho my kids are grown) to get my run in before the heat and humidity make it impossible. Join hands, we can hang on through this summer and emerge sleek and skinny at the end!

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