Like an inchworm…

Inch, inch, inching along….

But it's okay. We're still moving in the right direction. 

-.2 this week. A loss is a loss in my book. I'm happy. 

Other things that make me happy…

Started week 9 of couch25k yesterday. That's 30 minutes of running, people. I did it. It was awesome. This is the last week, and I am over the moon happy that I've made it this far. 

Next week, I start taking my 9 year old to a running club, twice a week. Parents get to participate if they want to. And now, since I can run without dying, I am running right along with them.

Kids are out of school this week, except for my boys who have three more weeks of summer school. Half days, gives me mornings with my girlie.

The last week of school was filled with lots of parental volunteering from yours truly. This year, I felt strong and healthy and did not pass out from chasing children around the fields outside of school. I didn't feel like "fatmama." I felt good. It. was. fantastic.

I will very shortly be booking this year's vacation. Guess where we're going? Only the happiest place on earth. Yeah, again. Why? Because we like it?  M-O-U-S-EEEEEEE.



4 thoughts on “Like an inchworm…

  1. Yay! I’m with ya on that. A Loss is a LOSS! Good job. I’ve just found your blog (thanks to NoMoreBacon’s mention) and I’ll be back.

  2. Wait, my first post didn’t take! I just found your blog thanks to NoMoreBacon’s shout out to you. You’re right. A loss is a loss! I’ll be back.

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