Aaaaand, we’re back!

If I had mad digital geeky-like computer animations skills, my blog would be showering you with 3D confetti right now. But I don't. So I want you to just imagine for a minute.

I head off to my Sunday (tooearlyinthemorning) Weight Watchers meeting for weekly weigh in. We all know that for the past 8 (hellish) weeks I have done nothing but gain and lose the same freaking pound. Despite all of the hard work I've done with my rock star running, the scale has not been friendly to me. I talked myself out of hurting someone, or breaking the scale, and figured I would be all mature and step on the scale and say "numbers be damned." Who gives a youknowhat what it says. I'm stronger and fitter than I've been in years, why should I let that stupid number on that stupid scale set up my mood for the week? 

And then I stepped on, and it said…


And I almost jumped up and down and broke the stupid scale out of sheer joy. 

Yes, that's right. I've finally broken the wall. The best part is, I FINALLY made it to a total of 70 pounds lost. I've been hovering around that number for months, I almost thought it was my destiny to stay there. Because even though I know in my head I'm working hard, eating lots of good stuff and doing good things for my body, no matter how hard I try to convince myself the scale doesn't matter, it kinda does. But not in a way that makes me feel a failure if it's not cooperative. It's just a nice little reminder that I'm working hard and making progress. 

So, what was different this week? Well my running has increased slightly. I'm finished week 7 of C25K which had me running 25 minutes with no walking breaks. (huffpuffhuffpuff) But the best thing about this week was that I ate more food! It's so ingrained in me that the less I eat the more weight I would lose. I wasn't using up all of my weight watcher weekly points or the activity points for fear that it would hold me back. So this week I used them all. I tried not to use them on crap. I just ate a little more, had an extra snack here and there. Okay so maybe I did have a couple of treats, but a girl's gotta have her chocolate fix, right? 

So, happy happy, joy joy. Needless to say my mood was much better yesterday. 

In other news, I'm still waiting to hear about what's going to happen with my boylie and his aide for next year. I've made my plea, written my letters and now I sit and wait. I can only hope that they think with their hearts and not, well something else, and realize that they can do him so much good with such a small gesture. Fingers crossed.

It's a busy week in my world. Field trips, and lots and lots of end of year activities. Here's to an awesome week! (see how happy my mood is?) 


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