why, Why, WHY???

Sorry, just having one of those cr@ppy days. It started out great, got my butt in gear, on the treadmonster and banged out another 25 minutes. C25K week 7, hear me roar. After getting the chillies off to school I went over to Target and spent more money, gave the little chilly some lunch and headed over to school to help out with the hot lunch program.

It was there that the day went downhill. Oh, everything was fine with the kids. Passed out lunches, gave my kids a couple of quick hugs and kisses. Then I stopped to quickly chat with my son Christopher's aide. For those who don't know, Christopher has Asperger's Disorder, and is in a wonderful program. He spends most of his days in a regular, first grade class, and has a wonderful aide to help him through his day, along with some great special education teachers that get him through the tough stuff. I have been thrilled with his progress. 

Long story longer, he just started at this school this year, after being moved from the school he attended since he was three. That's right, three years old. He was placed in a full day, five day a week program when he was three. To say that this was difficult for me is an gross understatement. But I loved his teachers, and they loved him. So when we moved to the new school it was hard, but he has done great, in part because he has completely bonded with his aide. They got on right away. It couldn't have worked out better. Then, turns out, they're moving his program to a new building. Again. Two moves in two years. These things happen in special ed. I know this. I used to work in special ed, pre-mommyhood. So I went with it, but I asked if they could please consider moving his aide along with him. Consider it, they did. And they decided to NOT. 

This I found out today. And so I am crabby. And sad. And kinda pissed. 

But this is one of those times that the mama bear has to stand up for the baby bear. So I've been up late writing this letter, and am meeting with some people at the school to (nicely) plead our case. 

Good thing I ran today. (didijustsaythat?)

I did get a little nice surprise, however. Ms. Paula from paulawannacracker has bestowed upon me my very first…wait for it…


"Fabulous" Blogger Award.

She said I make her smile. So thank you, Paula, for making me smile, on an evening when I so very much needed it.


2 thoughts on “why, Why, WHY???

  1. My kids had a tough time with school and needed extra help and so I know what it’s like to be a mama bear…
    You totally deserve the Fabulous Blogger Award… BTW–the sazon culantro & anchiote. At first, I thought it was cilantro and I had no idea that culantro is a completely different herb. I tried it in my spanish rice and it was really good.
    I hope your day gets better.

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