Scales are stupid

That's what I say. What do they know, anyway. Stupid, metal pieces of junk. 


That's what the scale said yesterday. I thought this was my week. All of this hard work, I figured my body was taking it's time, adjusting to the shock of all of the activity it has been getting. This was gonna be my week. Star time, baby. 

Nope. Happy Mother's Day to me. 

One of the reasons I thought it was going down, however, was because my clothes are looser, and I am feeling fitter. (Is that a word?) Anyway, I know I must be getting stronger, because I RAN FOR 20 MINUTES STRAIGHT. 

Oh, what was that? Did you not understand? 

20 minutes without stopping, without walking, just running. (okay and maybe a little gasping for air) 

I just finished week 5 of couch25k which on the last day makes you run for 20 minutes after your 5 minute warm up walk. I should say that the second day you only have to run for 8 minutes, and you get some recovery time before and after. So whoever thought this up was clearly high. And mean. 

But I did it because it told me to. And I didn't think I could. My legs felt really heavy just after the first couple of minutes, and I thought, no freaking way this is gonna happen. And I just kept going. I figured if I passed out I could really say I tried my best but my body couldn't do it. 

But the thing is, my body DID do it. I spent the whole weekend thinking I was a bad ass. 

And then I got on the scale. 

I was bummed out when I came home. And then I talked to my husband for a bit, just kind of venting my frustration. And then he asked the question. "Well, how much do you weigh now?" So I told him. I guess I kinda figured he knew. He asks every week how I did and I tell him. I figured he had been keeping track. 

When I told him he said, "Oh my God! That's almost what you weighed when we met! That's amazing!" He asked me, "Did you ever think this was possible? Look at what you've done! You should be so proud of yourself."

The truth is, I didn't think it was possible. I couldn't even imagine getting this far. 

Never mind the weight loss. I never thought I could be running for 20 minutes on the treadmill. I have proof, though. Wanna see?


Gross, yes? My kids looked at me like something was wrong with me.  I had to take a picture to show I was still alive and breathing. Never mind the fact that my head was still spinning and my legs had not realized we were finished. There's the sweaty proof. 

That's gotta be worth more than .2.



8 thoughts on “Scales are stupid

  1. I don’t even own a scale.
    Way to go on the run, I’m very impressed!
    You inspired me to get to the gym.

  2. Don’t freak! I was not losing anything for the longest time while running C25K. I was pissed, I wanted to quit, and then one week I stepped on the scale and BAM, down 8 lbs. So, this week wasn’t that week for you. . . maybe it’ll be next week?! The clothes fitting better is a definite indicator that you are doing all the right things. Give it time and I promise you will kick that scale right in the butt.
    You ran 20 minutes straight! 20 minutes. Kudos and a Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  3. Awesome work!! Remember you’re replacing fat with muscle, which weighs more πŸ™‚ I haven’t lost much either but my clothes fit sooo much better and I’ve dropped a size. That’s in 7 weeks. Love it!!!
    Your blog is great! I had fun reading back and seeing a before & current pic. Awesome!

  4. Do not be discouraged with the .2 loss because all of those .2’s add up! πŸ™‚ All of your hard work will pay off …I promise! πŸ™‚

  5. it’s worth way more than -.2! I spent months not losing anything and just running and running and running, going farther and longer and the scale kept saying “you stayed the same fatass”. So. I decided to give the scale a rest for a while and go by how my pants fit. I have this rockin’ pair of jeans that I wore 6 years ago and they fit now, albeit with a bit of a muffin top, so I’m focusing on those jeans. Scale? We don’t need no frickin’ scale!!
    You look great, sweat and all! Forget the scale and remember all the other great things that are happening for you!

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