An Easter surprise

No weigh in this week, WW was closed for the Easter holiday. I've been trying to keep my eyes off the scale and to have to do this for two weeks is hard. I did, however, get to go shopping for a new pair of pants to wear to church on Sunday, since my others are starting to get a bit loose. I grabbed my regular size, and decided to be a brave girl and grab the next size down. What the heck, right? It can't hurt to try. I promised myself I wouldn't get upset if they didn't fit. I tried on the regular size first. They slid on easily, looked fine. So, of course I thought the smaller ones wouldn't make it past the hips. Imagine my surprise when they not only made it past the hips, and the booty, and actually buttoned and zipped. And I did not have to hold my breath! Way to go, ME!!

I thought back to where I was when I started this craziness, two years ago. I remember thinking, 'If I could only be a size *whatever* I would be so happy. Guess what? Today, I am a size *whatever*. Am I happy? You bet your booty. It's a milestone. It's a goal, achieved. I am happy, thrilled. I had so far to go and couldn't imagine getting this far. I didn't think my body could do it. Which brings me to the question…

What else can my body do? 

I know that I'm not done. I still have weight to lose. Which means, my body will be smaller, my jeans will be smaller. But it's so much more than that.

I feel so much more comfortable today than I did two years ago. My body moves more easily, I don't get tired as quickly. I'm able to keep up with the monkeys at the zoo without getting tired. (and by monkeys I mean my children). Seriously. We just came off of spring break, and took the kids to the zoo and the aquarium. We walked all day, two days in a row. And I exercised both days on top of that. Never would that have happened before. I wouldn't have made it as far, and I would have for sure counted that as my daily exercise. 

I've started running on my treadmill. I'm working the Couch to 5K plan. There are a group of people over at JewliaGoulia's blog who are doing it too. I'm taking it slowly, but I'm gonna get there. 

I've come so far, I can't stop now. Who knows how far I can go?


One thought on “An Easter surprise

  1. Hi there! Thanks for finding me adn for the nice comments πŸ™‚
    Congrats on getting the smaller size up & buttoned! πŸ™‚ Man is that a great feeling or what??!! πŸ™‚ Yippeeee!
    I am thinking of sleeveless this summer…stay tuned. lol πŸ™‚

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