Reality, schmeality, and, What’s that bump?

I'm obsessed with reality television. More specifically, I'm obsessed with reality television shows related to weight loss. There's the obvious, Biggest Loser. I love watching the transformations, and watching a 300 + pound person run on the treadmill without dying. That's when I think, "it's possible, I can do this without dying." I also love Celebrity Fit Club. I'm not sure what it is about this show. The transformations aren't as dramatic, usually. And you don't really see the work that they do because they're home all week and them come back for a couple of days to do a crazy challenge and step on the scale. It's kinda like Weight Watchers in that way, I suppose. Work, work, work all week at home, then brave the scale and find out what happens. I think I just like watching Dr. Ian yell at them when they say, "I only went to the clubs a couple of nights this week, otherwise I followed the program. I don't know what the problem is." or "I had a little fried chicken, I gotta have my fried chicken." I love the look on his face. I just can't help myself. My newest show of interest is Kirstie Alley's Big Life. It just started a couple of weeks ago but I can't stop watching. We get to watch her try to lose 75 or so pounds of weight that she regained after losing it on Jenny Craig. She hires a trainer, and forces her handyman to join her on the journey. It's entertaining, for sure, and I'm dying to see how it all turns out. 

I'm not sure what it is that makes me watch these shows. Maybe it's the inspiration, maybe I secretly enjoy watching others pound the treadmill and suffer from bad sweaty hair and that painful look on their faces when they think they can't possibly run one more minute. But it helps me get through my hour a day on Señor Treadmill. Since I can't have that Bob Harper down in the dungeon with me. 'Cause that would be helpful too.

Now, onto bigger and better things. My progress this week. Dun, dun, DUN!!! Finally, a bigger number on the scale. Down just over 2 pounds this week. It's not a biggest loser number, but I don't have Bob and Jillian, so I'll take it. It's actually a big number for me, if I get over a pound in a week I'm thrilled. And I'm officially at my lowest weight in (Idon'tevenknowhowmany) years. Can you say, YAY? And another thing I found this week, I was reaching my arms over my head in a sleepy stretch and as I ran my hand along my upper arm I felt a bump. What the heck was that? I tried to find it again and couldn't, so I looked in the mirror and did some little moves and then I saw it. A tricep muscle. Yes, friends. I have one of those, ON EACH ARM. I have to pose just the right way to find it, but it's there. It reminded me of this time not long ago when I went to see my Dr. and asked him about this lump in the middle of my chest. It was a spooky lump, I discovered it one day coming out of the shower. He had me show him and he smiled kindly and said, "Oh, that's your xiphoid process. It's a bone. It's not new." Well, there must be something growing on it or something, because I never felt it before. Turns out, I never felt it before because it was COVERED IN CHUB. 

It's getting exciting up in here, folks. I can't wait to see what else I find. Good things, good things. 


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