Five (okay, six) for Friday…

1.  The last week of winter has been gorgeous. Sunny skies, mid to upper 60's, not too windy. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Forecast shows rain/snow mix, temps in the 30's. (banging head against wall) I. need. to. move. to. Florida. 

2.  Sam's new favorite thing to say is, "MOM, WHERE AAAAARE YOOOOOOU?" All day long.

3.  Had a very busy week mostly due to lots of school commitments, yesterday went on a field trip with my boylie to the children's museum. His favorite things were the mirrors. Loved seeing him self       multiply. Kept saying, "look at all your Christophers."

We had a fabulous time. It was so nice to be able to take him somewhere and let him just have at it, not worry about whether or not he was seeing everything, just letting him enjoy the things he liked the most. And snapping a few photos of his adorable face.


4.  Excited for Roni and Carla and the fabulous bloggers attending Fit Bloggin'10. They are so       inspirational and I hope that someday I can join the ranks.

5.  Speaking of inspiration, just finished reading this book and found loads of fabulousness. I love the   way she documented her journey. It was so real and hit so very close to home. I am going to read it       again, and soak it up some more. Ms. Shauna, you are awesome, thank you.

6.  Hit Señor Treadmill hard this week. I think he's a bit frightened. I'm crossing my fingers that the hard work pays off on Sunday. If not, I vow to just take a deep breath and move on. Easter is coming       soon, and those dang Cadbury eggs will be off of the shelves. What? They're only 3 points. I can surely fit them into my healthy lifestyle, right?


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