Moving on, on Monday.

After my two-week-long week, I headed to my meeting on Sunday morning, bright and early. Even brighter and earlier than usual, with the whole Daylight Savings Time thing happening. This meant that I had to get my sorry arse out of bed at what really was 5:00 in the freaking morning, while telling myself that it was really 6:00, who cares if it's dark as night outside. But, I figured this one would be worth it. Since I missed my meeting last week, and I've been busting booty on Señor Treadmill, I should show a nice little dip on the scale. Suck it up, have a coffee, and go. 

My leader, Tracy, was weighing in this week, and I was thrilled that she would get to see how hard I've been working. I'm all about the positive feedback, you see. All the stars and stickers and pats on the back keep me going. So I exhaled and stepped on the stinking scale. "You've stayed exactly the same, " she said. I saw the number myself, she was telling the absolute truth. (As if she would lie about it.) Nothing bad about staying the same, right? Better than a gain, even those awful .2 gains that drive me up a wall. But still, with all of my hard work I was sure there had to be some sort of mistake. "What have you been doing differently?" she asked when she saw the look on my face. "I've been busting my ass, that's what." She asked all the questions I knew she would. Are you tracking? Yes. Everything? Yes. (to the best of my ability) Eating whole foods? Yes. (damn it.) How about your weekly points? Well, no. Not really. For those that don't know "the program" there are daily points, which basically add up to your calories for the day, and weekly points, which are some little extras that you can plug in for a special occasion or to cover up for that massive piece of chocolate cake that you just had to have that really didn't taste all that good after all but still, who could say no to chocolate cake… Anyway, I told her I really wasn't using them, I kept saving them for just in case and then didn't end up using them after all. So she said that maybe I should start using a few. In other words, EAT MORE. Really? You want me to eat more? Well, then… "Use a few of them a few times a week on some good, whole foods," she said, as if she could see the wheels turning in my head. Oh, so not that extra Cadbury egg? 

Truth is, I know this stuff. I've been doing it nearly two years. I know that by my working out harder my body is probably freaking out thinking I've lost my mind, and it better hold on tight to those little fat cells. By giving myself more fuel I'm actually helping it out. So, on we go. I shall eat more food, damn it. If I must. 

In family news, my little girl and I went off to see Mr. Johnny Depp in Alice this weekend. I thought she might be a bit freaked out by the whole Tim Burton-ness of it, but she actually enjoyed it. I did, too. Who'd have thought that Johnny Depp would still be the "sexiest man alive" in all of his orange-haired glory. But really, the man is quite talented. 

And one more thing, Shauna and Carla from Two Fit Chicks have kindly given me a little shout out on their podcast. I cannot tell you how much this made my day. Those women are awesome and inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Off to start the week. 


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