The blog formerly known as…

So awhile ago I was debating on starting up a new blog to talk all about this quest of mine to become healthier. I've decided to not drive myself crazy about something like this because, well, let's face it, it's stupid. I think I've just been feeling a bit bored with my blogging lately, and felt the need to mix it up a bit. I love blogging. I know I don't have tons of followers, and that's totally okay with me. But it is something that helps me record my feelings and thoughts and random crap that goes on in my life. It's kind of a venting session, where nobody gets to tell me I'm nuts. But why do I have to start up a whole new blog to talk about something I've been doing for the past two years, when this one has been recording my life this whole time? 

So, instead I've decided to simply change the name of my blog. It's former name, Pure and Simple, came to me because I really couldn't think of anything catchy or clever. And I had to name it something. And since it really was never a blog focused on anything specific, I couldn't name it after anything. So there it was. But I decided to change it because, let's face it, my life is anything but simple. At least that's how I see it. So the new name seems to sum up my life a little more accurately. And that's that.  Comfy cozy, that's how we describe things in our house when everything's good. It's how I feel when the kids are happy, like on a Friday afternoon when everyone is home from school and there's no homework, and there's a whole empty weekend ahead of us. And there's pizza for dinner and the kitchen's already clean and I know that everyone's perfectly content to eat from paper plates so Mama won't have to do the dishes. It's how life feels to me right now. With a little bit of crazy thrown in. 'Cause you can't be a mom without a little bit of crazy. It just wouldn't be interesting, would it?


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