Okay, wow. That was bad. (aka: where did January go?)

I can't believe I skipped a month. A whole month and no attention to my blog. And I was gonna do better. 

So…happy February!

Trying to think of what has happened in the past month…

We celebrated the boys' birthdays together, at the beginning of the month. Because nothing says busy like two December birthdays and Christmas all rolled into one. We had friends and family over to the house and the kids enjoyed themselves and ate cake and opened presents.



My little girl had a small solo in her school's winter musical, which was fabulous.


My camera is having some trouble, and my little backup camera was accidentally broken, so I bought a new backup camera so I can take my big camera in for repairs. Which I haven't actually done yet, because I keep thinking it will magically repair itself and I won't have to send it away.

I'm back on the WWwagon. (Weight Watchers, that is) Not that I was really off the wagon, I just kinda sat on the edge of it for a couple of weeks (Christmas vacation). I thought about jumping off, but came to my senses after seeing how quickly things could turn ugly. I've been toying with the idea of blogging about this process, but not sure how much of this stuff I want to put out there. Just thinking about it. Maybe a whole separate blog? Maybe keep it all together here. Anyway, ramble, ramble. See what happens when I don't write for a month? 

So, on with February. According to my little Sam, February is all about love. He learned that in school. February is love.

I read this over at Becky Higgins' blog today, and it really rang true with me.

We all need to have more love in our hearts right now.There are a lot of pretty rotten things that swirl around us. This world is a crazy place. We may have people in our circle of influence that are choosing to do hurtful things. Hearts are breaking. Decisions are being made about our communities, our schools, and our countries that we can't control. Natural disaster is causing so many to lose hope. There's no doubt about it: It's a tough world out there. Turn inward for a moment. Think about your heart and where it is right now. Are your thoughts and your actions portraying love?

AT HOME. What is the feeling in your home lately? Is your home a haven and a refuge from the world? When someone messes up, how do you react? When your child walks in the door from school or your husband walks in from a long day at work, how do you greet them?Because I know that 90-95% of you reading this are women, I am directing this to you: YOU are the heart of your home. YOU set the tone. YOU have the greatest influence on your family. I truly believe that. Are you setting the tone of love? Are you frequently and sincerely and proactively reminding your family how you feel about them through your thoughts, words, and actions?

via beckyhiggins.com  

Have a lovely February.



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