Vacations and birthdays and Christmas, oh, my.

When we last left off, I was "complaining," for lack of a better word, about my 10 day long swine flu experience. That 10 days, dragged on and on and on. I had sinus problems and a nagging cough that lasted for about 5 weeks. No lie. 

So, with all of the craziness I have again neglected to post about the happier, more exciting moments in the past 30 days. Let's begin, shall we?

1. Vacation (DISNEYWORLD!!)

All I can really say about it is that it was fabulous as always. The weather was beautiful, way better than home. I hear we hit a whopping 1 degree while I was away. We all managed to stay healthy and had a wonderful time. Christopher braved yet another insane roller coaster (Expedition Everest). Madelyn discovered Rockin' Roller Coaster. Christopher would have made his way onto this one as well, however he is about two inches too short. So he is counting the days until he can try again. Even Samuel got to try a new ride. He just barely hit the mark and was able to come on Soarin' with us. And we finally managed to make it onto the Dumbo ride. Only took three years.

I would post more pictures, but we'd be here quite a while. I put a bunch over on Facebook, to thrill all of my friends 😉

2. Birthdays

Two birthdays. Christopher turned 7 about three days after we returned from vacation. Seven. He is officially a big kid now. 

He's super excited about his birthday this year. He's working hard at school, and he's got everyone at that place loving him almost as much as his mama does.

And today, my baby boy turns 4. I'm struggling with this one. Although I think it would be more of a struggle if he wasn't so super attached to me. I feel like he's still got lots of cuddling to do, so I should be just fine. 

That's him, down in front. That's what happens when you ask him to smile pretty. Oh, and he also knocked Piglet down and slapped Pooh Bear. And tried to look up Minnie's skirt. That's my boy. He's moody and emotional and dramatic. But when he snuggles up to me I seem to forget all about it. 

3. Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Shopping is done, wrapping is not. The house is not ready, I'm cooking on Christmas Day and I haven't bought all my groceries. And there's a big, yucky storm coming. But the kids are happy, it's peaceful here for now. 

Hope everyone gets their Christmas wishes this year. I feel I've gotten just about everything I've wished for.





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