Questions and more questions…

Wow it's been a long time since I posted last…

Lately, I seem to be answering more and more questions around the house. What is he doing? Why did he do that? What is he going to do now?

This would normally be not a huge deal, maybe a bit annoying, except that all of these questions are coming from Christopher. 

Part of the deal with Christopher's Asperger's Disorder, is that he has a really hard time with social language. It's hard for him to strike up a conversation. It's hard to get him to answer questions, and really hard for him to formulate questions. So the constant stream of why, what, when, how, that I'm getting these days is exciting. And exhausting. Because with each answer I give comes another question. 

It's such a new thing for us, that Madelyn doesn't even notice that he's asking her something sometimes. He'll ask her a question and she'll just go about her business. You know, how sometimes little brothers are just background noise? That's what she's used to. She's not used to having him address her directly. So I have to constantly remind her, "Answer him, he's asking you a question." 

So, the other day, as I'm picking up Madelyn from religious education class, Christopher asked her, "What did you do in church school, Madelyn?" I waited. "I learned things." Awesome, I thought, she's finally listening. Then, of course, came the follow-up question, "Like about God and Cheeses?" 



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